Small Business Idea: Audio Books Business

iPodFor entrepreneurs that are always on the go, audio books can be a great companion.

Entrepreneurs like to travel light with almost bare necessities. Bringing books is not the top priority for many, but for entrepreneurs that enjoy reading a lot, this could be a difficult decision.

The solution – audio books.

What is audio books?

Audio books are basically another type of digital books that come in the form of audio files, such as MP3.

Its availability was limited before – in CDs or cassettes, but along with the new advances in audio and multimedia portability technology, audio books market is growing accordingly.

Everything comes in the form of printed books can be transformed into audio forms. For business enthusiasts, business audio books are widely available.

Why audio books business?

The main reason why audio books business is promising has always been due to the availability of portable music players.

Audio books are portable, and can be downloaded and transfer them to MP3 player or iPod. Along with the ever-presence and popularity of portable music players, such as the iPod, Zen Player and Zune, audio books are even more accessible and appealing to people for portable listening.

The niche target markets in audio books business are widely vary: educational institution, coaching program, children entertainment, and many others.

Another niche target market that I think the most promising of all is those who have visual impairment or disability – audio books can offer ease to access information.

How to start an audio books business

You can always start either off line or online audio book business.

For off line audio book business, you can open an audio book shop, supply to other audio-related stores – music shops, libraries, or education institutions to name a few – or mail order audio book business.

For online audio book business, you can start a website where visitors can browse and download audio books directly from the site.

How to source audio books? You can always produce your own, but for an easier route, you can always find suppliers of audio books. Particularly for online audio books business, you can also join affiliate programs of big online audio books vendors.

Tips on starting an audio books business

Just like any other business, freebies always attract customers. Offer free audio books for your customers to download or do a giveaway for customers with a certain amount of purchase.

Ultimately, you should control the audio books quality to ensure the clarity.

Ivan Widjaya
Audio books business
Image by odolphie.