How to Increase Your Chances in Acquiring a Great Business: Search Businesses for Sale in a Premium Listing Websites

Lego BizFor those of you who are not the startup-type of entrepreneur, looking for established businesses to acquire is a more logical decision to make.

Looking for such information from the Internet has always been a better option, as you can DIY your search and cut broker or intermediary fees.

The problem is, with literally thousands of websites offering business for sale listings, it would be a difficult task picking the ones that are more ‘legitimate’ and trustworthy.

Sure, many could offer you a list of thousands of businesses for sale, but considering the number of scams recently, finding a legitimate buyer or seller is challenging.

One of the natural ways to go to cut the chase of bad-listing-good-listing issues is by look for Business For Sale in a premium listing website.

Businesses for sale premium listing website

The benefit of searching for Businesses For Sale in such website is clearly listing quality.

By nature, premium listing website eliminates potential scammers and questionable listings often found in free classified sites.

But those websites do offer free membership!

Most, if not all, business for sale websites do offer free membership. However, certain perks are attached to paid members, in such a way that a ‘circle of trust’ is created between paid buyer and seller – benefiting paid members over the free ones.

As a seller, you wouldn’t want to receive inquiries from questionable buyers. As a buyer, you wouldn’t want to acquire a business from an unknown seller. It’s basically a win-win situation :)

How to choose a business for sale listing website

If you search for “business for sale” term, you’ll soon discover that on the first page of the result pages lists several authority businesses for sale websites. They are listed on the first page for a reason or two – popular and well-mentioned.

You, of course, can start from the search engine result pages, but what you should actually look for is authority news media and bloggers’ review on the listing websites.

Another thing to consider is the scale of business you are looking for. Some of the authority listing websites leaning toward larger businesses, such as Hotels For Sale listing, while some others leaning toward lower revenue businesses for sale listing.

I suggest you to join two or three business for sale listing websites for free, and join as a premium member with the right listing websites to access full-features. Is the premium membership well worth it? In my opinion, yes, because the perks offered are essential if you are really serious in acquiring businesses.

Ivan Widjaya
Business for sale listing
Image by william.ward.