New Year, New Hope: Plan to Get Ready to Surf the Big Wave

New Year ResolutionFirst of all, I would like to apologise for not posting in this past few days.

I’m not being lazy, but actually I spend more time with my family and ‘trying hard’ to cut myself from the Internet, including blogging.

In my free time, instead of blogging, I create mini plans that will guide me throughout 2009.

If you haven’t got any plan for 2009, I urge you to start right now, as planning is very, very important.

My 2009 focus – ready to surf the big wave of economic recovery!

Why planning is essential

To me, planning is like setting up your own carrot to chase.

What’s amazing about human being is, that we are adaptable in every situation and in each of us, there is a always an urge to get more with less effort.

Some of you wouldn’t agree with me. “No! I like to earn what I receive – so I’ll work hard for better result,” you say. I’ll say, “Yes, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if you get more with less effort, and focus the extra free energy to achieve more in life?”

‘More’ is not all about money. ‘More’ is all about your vision, desire and goals in life. ‘More’ could mean giving back more to the community – Like Oprah’s Big Gift, for example. ‘More’ could also mean more time for your family. And so on – There are many other things in life NOT related to making more money.

Eventually, planning makes your effort more focused on what’s important. Master your planning will bring you to business opportunities and many more!

The best bet is to create mini plans

I love mini plans – they are more achievable and reward you in every small achievement you make.

You can start with mini plans of many, if not every, facets of your life – your personal finance mini plan, your relationship mini plan, your business mini plan, your investment mini plan, your personal endeavour mini plan, and so on.

The possibilities are limitless, really.

Here’s some of my plans… ‘Care to share yours?

If you asked me, what’s my plan for the year 2009, here’s a bit of the snap shot…

Business mini plan

  • ‘Liquidates’ some of my web properties to invest in new, off line, business in Q1 2009.
  • Starts and acquires micro businesses to spread out risks, while getting ready for the big wave of economic recovery, that will eventually come, somehow.
  • Pay off bad business debts.
  • Sell one of my non-productive small business in Q1 2009.
  • Build a blog network that mimic B5 Media – not in size, though.
  • Start an affordable web design and services business with primary operation online.
  • Partner with relatives abroad to set up micro ex-im business.

Investment mini plan

  • Invest in a cash flow producing low-end real estate – preferably in Government-subsidised apartments for tax and other incentives.
  • Invest in silver, before it’s all too late. Invest in gold, if and only if gold prices drop – hopefully (it’s too high right now.)
  • Partner with a investment broker for insider info in trade for brokerage fees.

Personal finance mini plan

  • Achieve $1500 per month from online business – no latter than Q2 2009.
  • Utilise credit cards more for business purposes, aiming for rewards from the issuers.
  • Diversify my assets – stay away from saving account and certificate of deposit – Move my savings in USD to Euro.
  • Consider moving my personal assets into a business entity to avoid excessive tax (the legal way, though.)
  • Buy another laptop for better work effectiveness!

So, there’s there. Please share some of your mini plans, or your New Year resolution if you prefer, by commenting on this post :)

Ivan Widjaya
Happy holiday!
Image by husin.sani.