How to Choose the Right Partner to Outsource your Product or Order Fulfillment

Inventory and Order FulfillmentManaging inventory in your small business can be resource exhausting business operation, especially if you are dealing with retail and anything that involves inventory and warehousing. It is costly and put heavy pressure to your budgeting, simply because when your business grows, your need for inventory spaces grows, as well.

Not only that, inventory control is another crucial issue. Making sure your product items to be in order and up to date is resource-intensive.

One of the solutions to relieve some pressure off your budget is to outsource your product or order fulfillment to a fulfillment services company.

What does fulfillment services company do?

In essence, fulfillment services company handles product fulfillment, that may involves order, inventory, logistics, packing and assembling management, to name a few.

Some fulfillment services companies also handle ‘pick-pack-ship’ process in part of order fulfillment – all the logistics you want to have in ensuring your product items delivered to your customers on time and with great care.

Fulfillment services companies do converge to offer closely related services – for instance, some other fulfillment services companies also offers product assembly. Partnering with the right fulfillment services company will definitely help you cut cost and do product and order fulfillment like the pro did.

How to choose the right fulfillment services company

Choosing the right fulfillment services is important, as mishandling your inventory will damage your brand image, not theirs.

Here are some tips on choosing the right fulfillment partner:

  • Choose a company that offer a system protect inventory from any losses and damages, as well as ensuring top notch product fulfillment.
  • Choose a company that can integrate their system to yours seamlessly, that allow you to to manage your inventories at the comfort of your office.
  • Choose a company that handles returns exceptionally well, while minimising monetary loss involved, due to the fact that returns exhaust your business resources.
  • Big names do become big for a reason – choose well-established and well-known fulfillment services comapany – Although pricing might not be as low as the others, their experience and reputation do make differences.

One last advice: first thing first – do evaluate your need for fulfillment services. Have you evaluate your inventory management? Do you really need the services today? Failing to know when to do what will probably increase overhead in your small business’ budget, instead of minimising it.

Ivan Widjaya
Know when to outsource your inventory management
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