Recession Buster – Stop Whining and Nagging, Start Looking for A Solution

Determined GirlWhining and nagging are humane. However, I heard of them too much these days, especially in this recession times.

The highlight of 2008 (and early in 2009) is this: people loves to nag and whine – not to mention pitying themselves.

Good words come out from you can be turned into a weapon to criticise you. Instead of working together to find a solution, people are being sarcastic and attack each other. Never mind bad words.

The bottom line: You and I are being negative these days to a certain extent, so that we can’t really see clearly above the ‘storm’.

Your role as a small business owner in today’s recession

I learn that some people blame small business owners for being cheapskates and unfair to the employees, especially when they fire the employees!

In my opinion, that is simply the risk of running your own business and managing your own employees.

Some business owners I know are angry – some others feel discouraged. I don’t blame them.

Small business owners are burdened with many responsibilities: How to carry their business past the recession, how NOT to close their business to retain loyal employees, and how to keep their personal finance afloat, while having their business getting caught in a global financial turmoil – to name a few.

Take heed, friend – Your role as a small business owner is to STOP whining, nagging and pitying yourself.


Because we all know that small businesses are one of the most important keys, not only in US, but also in all parts of the world. When small businesses boom, the macro-economy will boom – and vice versa.

Your role is to get your head up and run your business with professionalism and dignity. What you say or do will make or break your business – you gotta trust me on this :)

No matter how pessimistic you are toward your business or the economy, you have to infuse optimism in your business; to your employees; to your colleagues.


Today’s economic situation needs a few good men who will rise up and do positive changes that will impact their business, and eventually, the world. If the economy relies on you and your business, you need to take care of your own business well, THEN take care of others. This way, we all can do our little things not to stop the recession (we can’t) but to speed up recovery processes.

I’m going out of business – How can I stay positive?

I have heard a story from the country I reside in today.

A woman just met her old friend… in a rather unusual way. She was about to hop on a public transport, when suddenly she realised that the driver is her ol’ good friend! The last time she knew about the driver, is that he was an Assistant Manager, who was later made redundant due to the recession.

The man doesn’t whine about his condition. Instead, he is happily tell her the story that this is just temporary – he is still looking for a better job right now. He needs to do this to make ends meet, and to keep him from pitying himself for getting sacked and being unemployed.

The moral of the story is this: Whining, nagging and pitying yourself won’t help you getting past today’s recession – your mindset, willpower and effort to stay positive and to stand above your current situation will.

And I believe the man will soon get his dream job, somehow, someday because no matter how hardworking or smart you are, your number one driving factor for success is your mindset.

I’m revved up and ready to stay positive and do whatever I could to improve my skills, as well as my welfare. I don’t want to look back and lower my standard of living – My only career goal as an entrepreneur is one: financial freedom. Nothing less, regardless the recession.

I’m doing my little parts. How about you?

Image by ninjapoodles.