Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover: Susan Boyle, Bloody Fantastic!

Susan BoyleI’m not normally blog on an entertainment topic, let alone doing so in this business blog :) But the message from this video is so strong, that even a business owner can take benefit from it.

It’s actually a British’ TV talent show, Britain’s Got Talent season 3, showcasing a 47 years-old lady singing “Cry me a river.” She is highly underestimated due to her age and appearance (she looks like your next door stay-at-home lady) even among the audiences and judges of the show. She shocks everybody with her voice, singing a perfect song.

And a YouTube video on Susan Boyle has got 20 million views to date. Unfortunately, due to the copyrighted material, I can embed the video on this post – But for those of you who are interested in watching Susan performs, you can do so from this link leading to the coveted YouTube video page.

Susan Boyle’s inspiration for entrepreneurs and business owners

Don’t judge a book by its cover – You can’t assume something about somebody. If you took things for granted, you might lose yourself a future client or business partner.

Does an old man in his shorts, sandals and worn t-shirt can’t possibly a millionaire or an angel investor. Yes he could, and you’ll never now if you keep assuming and judging people “by their cover.” Judging him wrong would lose you an opportunity of a lifetime that could change your and your family’s life course.

I repeat it once again: don’t take things for granted. Today’s business competition shall not allow any complacent and wrong judgment/assumption. Doing so can disappear your opportunities in a snap.

What you have to do: You have to probe, probe and probe – looking for more facts, and act (carefully) based on those facts. You’ll see you start to make less mistakes than you used to make. Remember, success doesn’t mean you never do any mistakes; Success means you make less mistakes, thus giving you more chance to ace things in life :)

Am I exaggerate this judging-by-its-cover-thing a bit too much? I though I did, until I watch Susan Boyle’s singing – A real life case study.

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