How File Sharing Software Enables You to Bring Your Business with You Wherever You Go

Girl using file sharing softwareIf you knew me and read my blog for some time, you might draw a conclusion that I’m always interested to online businesses and the location independence they allow the business owners to enjoy.

The main issue here is how to achieve just that without compromising productivity.

There are productivity tools that can help you achieve a true location independence business. One of them that is essential and bringing big differences toward your business is file sharing software.

Choosing the right file sharing software partner is probably one of the major steps need to be taken in order to bring your business wherever you go.

But first things first – What is location independent business?

A bit on location independence business

Location independence means mobile. A location independence business is a business that doesn’t attach to a premise or location.

For an example to illustrate, consider a retailing business. A conventional approach to retailing is that it always attached to a location – a better located retail store can do much more than the one that doesn’t. An online retail store can do well without the need for it to be attached to a premise.

Location independence business is not only referring to online businesses. For instance, if you are a road warrior that travels a lot, you can’t simply leave your work behind at the office – you need, or even required, to bring the work with you.

Partnering with the right file sharing software provider can help you a great deal.

What is file sharing software and how the right one can help your business achieving location independence?

File sharing software, in essence, allows you to do 3 things – It allows you to store, backup and share files – Basically, they are all that you need to do mobile or online business.

With literally thousands of file sharing service providers on the Web, choosing one that is suitable to your need is quite challenging.

Not only challenging, you need to address issues, such as security. Choosing the wrong file sharing partner can result in “leakage” – sensitive data can be “accidentally” accessed by others.

So, how to choose the right one?

How to choose the right file sharing software

While most file sharing software can be used free of charge, just like anything in life, free means something is compromised.

The most common thing that is compromised in free file sharing service providers is service quality.

Generally, paid file sharing services allows you to access more features, collaborate with more people and get more storage space, even unlimited – One thing is guaranteed: paid file sharing software is always more reliable and secure than the free counterparts.

Egnyte, for example, offers file sharing software that charges on monthly basis, starting from $15. The main perk Egnyte offers is local cloud – It allows you to work with files that are stored in Egnyte’s servers as if they were stored locally in your PC or laptop.

I believe you should consider partnering with a paid file sharing software to save you headaches later on.

Ivan Widjaya
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