Starting Your Own Mobile Phlebotomist Business

There are many career opportunities for phlebotomists today other than working in a hospital. A phlebotomist can even become self-employed, running their own mobile phlebotomy business. Below is a guide on starting your own mobile phlebotomist business:

mobile phlebotomist business opportunities
photo credit: Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center

1. If you are currently seeking to become a phlebotomist, the first thing you should do is take a phlebotomist training program from an accredited school. Once completed, take a job as a phlebotomist in an institution such as a hospital, health clinic, nursing home, etc, to gain experience.

2. Once you feel you are ready to go out on your own and start your mobile phlebotomy business, seek legal counsel to find out the laws regarding becoming a mobile phlebotomist in your particular state. You also need to find out what documents have to be filed. The filing fee will vary from state to state so do your homework. There will likely be other permits required such as a local health permit.

3. By now you should have chosen a name for your business. If you have a DBA, use it to open a business checking account for your mobile phlebotomist business. The checking account must only be used for business activities, and not for personal use. Also, you will need to acquire business insurance.

4. You will need to set up a billing system for your mobile phlebotomist business. You will be sending out invoices to your clients such as physician clinics, medical organizations, etc. There is quality accounting software available.

5. Make sure you have a reliable vehicle because you will be traveling. Acquire the necessary supplies to perform your duties as a phlebotomist. You must provide a way to collect blood, label it properly, and correctly store it for delivery.

6. To get your mobile phlebotomist business up and running, marketing and advertising is essential. Look at sites like Phlebotomy Training Network. This means getting the word out to hospitals, physician clinics, nursing homes etc. You can set up your own business website. You can also send out promotion packages and arrange for meeting with potential clients to present your business and explain why working with your business will benefit them. In addition, make business cards and brochures for your mobile phlebotomist business to hand out to potential clients.


If you have a specialized skill set, you can capitalize on it and turn yours into a lucrative business. There are a world of opportunities in niche markets; mobile phlebotomist business is one of them. Please contact your local governing body, as well as a trusted phlebotomy sources, regarding the rules and regulations need to be adhere to when starting your business.

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