Small Business Blogging Benefits

grow your small businessSmall business owners, I’ve said this a thousand times, and I will say this another thousand times again: Start blogging about and for your business.

No matter what your small businesses are, either online or off line, you have to blog, for the sake of your business.

Having a business website is not enough these days. Your business website is great for informational or order-taking purposes; Having an online support is nice, too, but it is often limited to some purposes only. You have to step up and create buzz on your business, and these days, the best place to do so is through blogosphere and social media.

Here are some benefits of blogging on your business:

  • You make yourself “reachable” to your customers and form personal relationship with your customers. Tip: Reply your blog’s visitors’ messages and comments!
  • You enhance your small business branding by communicating your business’ value, vision and passion. Tip: Design your blog’s graphics and layout right to portray your business’ spirit.
  • You can learn what your customers expect of you and your business, including their need and want. Tip: Create a section where your customers are empowered to leave testimonials and feedbacks (make sure you display their testimonials prominently on your blog)
  • Blogging is so powerful: Blogging on business topics and/or about your business the right way will stir opinions – Your business will receive the buzz from it, thus enhancing public perception of your business. But be ware, blogosphere and social media are open for anything, including false opinions and scams that could damage your business reputation. Tip: Do reputation management to manage negative remarks about your business
  • You can add another income stream for your business from your business blog. Some advertisers simply want to advertise on your blogs only, not on your site. Tip: Make sure you cross sell ad spaces on your sites.

Your next step would be to determine whether you create your blog on your own or hire someone who drink, eat and breathe blog creation. If choose the latter, I’m eager to help :) – Here’s a portfolio to help you decide.

Good luck on your business blogging endeavour!

Ivan Widjaya
Business blogger
Image by rodvs.