Free Report: How to Increase Your Professional Practice’s Profitability

free business reportDoctors, Medical Practitioners and Health Care Professionals – This free report is probably what you are looking for: “10 Mistakes You Want to Avoid in Your Practice.”

You would probably share the same concerns as many professional practice owners, especially in today’s recession: How to thrive in today’s recession? How to get more clients, patients and repeat business?

In fact, your worries are mine, too. I run businesses and invest in businesses, especially online business. Although most of my small (or shall I say, micro) businesses don’t involve any clients-related business, some of my businesses do need clients to stay afloat.

I do concern on how to get more clients and, most important of all, getting repeat business. Here’s the situation in one of my micro-businesses: I’ve been hanging on one client for so long, I’m becoming afraid of losing him. In essence, if he decided not to trust his projects with me anymore, I’m going out of business.

A bad business practice? Yes, but not intentionally to be made one. This is the situation for some of us – Having one large client that drives most of business income. Most of our clients are just come and go – If they do repeat, they did it occasionally, or regularly in a smallish value. This is why many businesses are going out of business due to their failure to attract more repeat business. Getting clients is a difficult task, these days!

Unfortunately, while trying to serve more people and secure more business, we are failing to identify the root of our problems. The free report helps you to identify the mistakes you have done to your practice.

What’s the deal with the free report, anyway? How can I trust the content’s quality?

The free report, “10 Mistakes You Want to Avoid in Your Practice”, is actually for professional practice owners, but it has benefited me, a non-medical-related business owner, in gaining insights on how to increase a professional practice’s profitability by identifying my mistakes in running my business and learning how to do the right thing.

This free report is actually part of a business that offer you excellent coaching program, called Booming Practice. The coaching program helps your professional practice to expand in customer base and increase in profitability. So, yes, you will pretty much take benefit from the free report, as it is written by the experts themselves.

If you are interested, the free report is available to you 24/7 – Download the free report.

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Here’s the catch – You can actually promote and sell Booming Practice’s coaching program, by recommending the program to your family members, friends or colleagues. While doing so, you are helping them to have a more successful practice.

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Update: Booming Practice launch date is on June 17, 2009.

Ivan Widjaya
‘Gotta get more clients and retain them!