Why Getting Fired Can Help You to Get Into Entrepreneurship

Pet grooming business
Pet grooming business
You probably have heard this a bit too much: Getting fired from your job pushes you to enter entrepreneurship.

But I couldn’t help finding more and more evidences, confirming that getting fired is often, indeed, a blessing in disguise.

Here is one of the case study: A top story from a local news broadcast that, once more, proves that being made redundant is actually help you to get on to entrepreneurship bandwagon and achieve financial independence.

Check out this video:

Casey Fluno, based in Nekoosa, Wisconsin, is the owner of a startup business, Flyin Fur Grooming Co. He entered entrepreneurship due to him being laid off by a trucking company based in Wisconsin Rapids.

He does what most great entrepreneurs, such as Michael Dell did – Start his very own pet grooming business in his home’s garage, getting help from his family members to take care of the business.

A blessing in disguise, Casey said that he never imagine that he would do something else to make a living, except working for a company in his 30 years of productive life. His Flyin Fur Grooming Co. is thriving all and well.

This is an inspiring story for me, and I believe you will feel the same way, too – Another true story of someone who survives downsizing and find success in the midst of recession through entrepreneurship.

Here are what I love to tell everybody (and will keep telling everybody about it): Plan well, get out of your job, and get your feet wet; To me, the true financial independence can only be achieved through entrepreneurship.

Just remember, don’t get stuck in planning, and don’t plunge into entrepreneurship without one. Take baby steps or giant leaps as you wish, but you’ve got to start your own business.

Ivan Widjaya
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