7 Habits of Highly Effective Noobpreneur

Have a positive attitude
Have a positive attitude
We are a creature of habit – Doing wrong things on regular basis can make those a norm to us. On the other hand, doing the right things on regular basis can make those a norm to us, which is good.

To be highly effective business owners, you need to develop a habit that can better you in decision making. However, some small business owners blame others for their business failures instead of themselves and their ineffective habits. In different cases, some others do business unethically in such a way that they gain the most from others’ losses.

I personally don’t think those small business owners deserve to call themselves “Entrepreneur” or “Business Owner.” They even don’t deserve to be called “Noobpreneur” :)

I have some tips on the habits that can help you to be a proper “noobpreneur.” But first, what is “noobpreneur”, anyway?

What is Noobpreneur?

I define Noobpreneur as Newbie Entrepreneur – Entrepreneurs that love to get out from their comfort zone and build businesses from their newly-acquired knowledge. If you would like to learn more about what does it means to be a Noobpreneur, please read Noobpreneur.com About Us page.

Here are some examples from my experience to translate “noobpreneur”:

I’ve been in partnership, franchising, white-collar jobs, blue-collar jobs, volunteering, web investing, and making money online, to name a few worth noted. I’ve experienced bad business plan implementation, ugly partnership, going out of business and losing money through investing activities.

But beyond those things, I learn a great deal during my trial-and-error and (finally) rise above the obstacles – I’ve avoided filing for bankruptcy, I successfully salvage the remnants of my dead business and invest the remnants well in business and asset investments and I live-off make money online 100% – And I set my sight is beyond the mountain of doubts and uncertainty in front of me.

From my short but colourful experience in entrepreneurship, I learn that being a noobpreneur takes a certain set of habits that I would like to share with you.

7 habits of highly effective noobpreneur

  1. Be positive and resilient
    If you fall 10 times, get up again 10 times – And keep your positive attitude days in and days out. You need to stop pitying yourself and start making a difference to the people surrounding you – Eventually, you will see them change for the better.
  2. No excuses – Never say “I can’t because…”
    “I can’t because…” excuses are the worst enemy of noobpreneur. We are, by nature, designed to adapt well to changes in life – It’s the mind that fails us. Doubts are your brain’s responses to the unknowns, and excuses are your brain’s effort in justifying your doubts. You should change your mindset and attitude toward business world (that is, if you still want to be an entrepreneur/noobpreneur.
  3. Continuously learn about as many methods as possible to better your bottom line and business, and practice them
    There are wealth of information available for free in today’s information era. People often buy knowledge (in the form of ebooks, seminars, etc.) simply because they are being lazy in finding it themselves!
  4. Never afraid to make mistakes – Even try to make a lot of mistakes –
    Mistakes and failures are the best teachers in the world – They don’t make you a failure. What could make you a failure is when you avoid to accept reality, drown yourself in depression and stop learning.
  5. God will make a way, but you have to lift your b*tt off the couch to make things happen
    I personally don’t believe that what we experience in life is a pure coincidence – No matter what you believe, I can say one thing for sure: Many entrepreneurs stuck in planning stage for too long, that some of them are actually abandon the plans – Too much planning without actual implementation is a success killer.
  6. Have enough rest and “me-time”
    Many entrepreneurs I know always say one thing in common, “I don’t have enough time to do other things than work.” Well, you don’t – Your business is demanding. You have three options: Automate your business or plan your rest and “me-time” or do both. Getting enough time for yourself and adequate rest get your creative juice flowing, leading to more opportunities uncovered.
  7. Share what you have learned (free of charge)
    Most bloggers have better chances to be a highly effective noobpreneur than the rest :) Us bloggers often offer valuable tips, info and real-life story for free for our blog readers – Something that many experts (and scammers) charges you top dollars for them, repackaged as the so-called “success seminars.” We shouldn’t complain because the principle of a noobpreneur is that we can learn and discern better by sharing what we know to others – The more we give, the more we receive.

Happy becoming a highly effective noobpreneur!

Ivan Widjaya
On being a highly effective entrepreneur.
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