Why India is a Friend for Small Businesses

Indian lady
Indian lady
China is the new economy powerhouse, but India is the most small business-friendly country in the world.

Regardless of opinions saying that India, despite being the destination for outsourcing for quite a long time, lack professionalism and quality, I view India as the most competent country in the world when it comes to outsourcing, especially in IT.

I’m not endorsing Indian professionals and freelancers without any valid ground. I’ve worked with companies and individuals originating from India, mainly in outsourcing my web-based projects – And all I can say is this: They offer top notch services at relatively low costs; The best value for money.

The keyword for small business owners like me these days – in looking for cash flow-effective solution – is outsourcing. And India is, indeed, an outsourcing behemoth.

Learning from small business owners I know and follow, Indian professionals and freelancers do offer work quality that surpass your expectation, despite a slight language barrier. They can do projects that could cost you 100 times if you decided not to outsource (seriously – no kidding!)

Why you should hire Indian professionals and freelancers: Some case studies

One of the authoritative small business owners I follow is hiring VA (virtual assistant) coming from India. The VA is not only taking care of secretarial and administrative works for him, but also taking care of his personal endeavours (such as sending flowers and arranging dinner with his wife.) This is not something that every VA can do.

In my very own experience, of all Indian professionals and freelancers I’ve been working so far with, only one of them offer sub-par services (And that’s 95% thumbs-up rating). I mainly hire Indians for their excellent English compared to the other non-native English speaker countries for my content writing and SEO/link building needs.

My testimonial: They understand that what we all want is fast and quality services at affordable prices. They don’t slack, and consider your order indifferently whether yours is a $10 or $1000 project (well, maybe they did, but they deliver projects as promised.)

Where to contact Indian service providers

The Internet is the place to go, but depending on what kind of services you are looking for, there are certain places for certain type (or quality) of services.

If you look for the lowest cost possible, in exchange for risks of hiring the wrong person, you should consider looking for service providers in forums related to your required services (e.g. Forums.DigitalPoint.com for Internet and SEO-related projects.) Many service providers are originating from India, and you can tell that they do treat your business differently compared to service providers from other countries.

If you look for better quality albeit higher professional fee, you should hire an Indian company. The benefit of hiring a company instead of an individual is range of services and service quality. If you consider outsourcing multi-projects with similar specs, hiring a company works best because it gives you better turnaround time and value for money than the individual counterparts.

For a mix of professionals and freelancers, you can go to large marketplaces, such as GetAFreelancer.com, to post your projects and receive bids from companies and freelancers.

Ivan Widjaya
Fave India