Business Idea: Sell Old Mobile Phones Online

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It's better to sell them, I guess
The basic rule of thumb for a great business idea is the one that help others to do things easier, better and/or faster. One of such ideas is a business that can help people sell their old mobile phones online at the best price.

I bet you own a mobile phone – no, you own mobile phones! It’s common today to see people using mobile phones. Entrepreneurs and business people usually have more than one mobile phone to help them get in touch with their clients, partners, colleagues, and family members.

It’s safe to say that mobile phones are attached to our life, in such a way that without it, you are like losing your limb.

The problem with mobile phones is technology advances. Not that mobile phone technology is bad, but the quick development in mobile phone tech results in faster mobile phone development, driving old mobile phones to be quickly becoming “obsolete.” With the availability of more affordable, more powerful and more versatile mobile phones, you’ll soon realise you need to upgrade your communication devices to increase your productivity.

So you get rid your old mobile phones. But there is one issue with it.

The problem with old, unused mobile phones

The problem with your old mobile phones is: You will stash it somewhere in your house or office. This will result in clutters. Alternatively, you could dispose it, but you could damage the environment (and breaking the law) throwing your old mobile phones in your garbage bin. Unfortunately, in order to dispose it safely, you need to pay for disposal services. Not good.

If you are thinking about selling your old mobile phones, it might be the best solution of all. There are actually some companies to which you can sell mobile phones. But you might wonder whether you receive a good amount of cash from your old mobile phones.

A solution and a case study: sell your old mobile phones online

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Here’s a great business idea: How about starting up a site where people can compare best prices among dozens of mobile phone recyclers and then sell their mobile phones online? One of the examples for this business model is

Currently serving the UK market, allows you to sell mobile phone online for the most amount of money.

Here’s how it works:

Step #1: Enter your phone make and model – Try Nokia N-Gage.

Step #2:
Choose the best price from the list and click “Sell now.”

Step #3: You will be brought to your chosen recycler company – fill in details and you will receive instructions on how to send your mobile phone away.

Step #4: You will receive a cheque within approximately 1 – 3 days.

Business idea from a business idea business model is neat because it offers a solution on an obvious problem most of us have. Even better, from the business idea, you can set up another business, serving a sub-niche of the sell mobile phone online niche.

Here’s another business idea coming from the selling old mobile phone comparison site: You can set up a small business (or a micro business, if you prefer) getting old, unused mobile phones from your friends, family and neighbours, and send those old “junk” to the recyclers offering the best prices for each of the mobile phone make and model. Your friends and family should be delighted to know someone is collecting their “junk” – what’s more, they even happy enough to compensate you to do just that!

Ivan Widjaya
Selling my old mobile phones online