Entrepreneurs: Are You Embracing Changes?

change management
Embracing changes
Things change rapidly today – business owners and entrepreneurs are required to be able to adapt to changes well. Are you adapting well to and embracing changes?

The global economy is largely driven by business owners and entrepreneurs. If businesses are having problem, the economy will most definitely in trouble, too. Failing businesses results in mass-downsizing, that also cause the local business community ‘ecosystem’ to suffer in the process. On the other hand, thriving businesses results in flourishing local community, which is good for the local economy and, eventually, contributing to global economy condition.

In today’s fast-paced business world, entrepreneurs and business owners are expected to be able to adapt well to changes. If you are slow adapting to (and embracing) changes, you’ll be left in the dust.

Changes are inevitable: my experience

Obviously, changes are inevitable. As entrepreneurs, you and I have to acquire this required skill no matter what.

My family and colleagues saw me as a person who hates change. Not because I hate changes for the good, it just that when I was ready to settle (in a new business, in a new situation, in a new home, etc.) unexpected things needed to be addressed, often immediately.

My problem is, I love being in a comfort zone and hate ‘surprising’ events. Unfortunately, rapid changes do happen ‘at will’ and they eliminate the comfort zone.

I realised that whether I like it or not, I have to embrace changes and treat them like they should – as part of my life. And I realised this in a wrong situation – My businesses were on the brink or failing, and I was on the brink of personal bankruptcy.

If you think all those are difficult situation for me, think again – When children are added into the equation, things are getting a bit too complicated; there are babies to feed and diapers to change, to say the least.

Fortunately, well-respected entrepreneurs and business owners have helped (and still helping me today) through their books and mentoring – Robert Kiyosaki (the Rich Dad Poor Dad guy,) Yaro Starak (the A-list blogger,) Darren Rowse (another A-list blogger,) Steve Pavlina (the personal development guru,) Tim Ferriss (the 4-hour Work Week guy,) Guy Kawasaki (the VC guy) and other brilliant people. I quickly changed my mindset and directions, from a near-broke franchise units owner to a webpreneur/web property investor/online money maker.

Changes are good, even necessary

You see, changes are good for you. They are even necessities. Changes push you to get out of your comfort zone, and there are enough testimonials to learn from, all saying that getting out of your comfort zone is the most crucial first-step in embracing changes. Your willingness to ‘wear new hats’ and ‘change your goggles’ is a pre-requisite in enabling yourself to embrace changes as an entrepreneur. Willingness alone is not enough – your resilience is also important in propelling you toward your goal.

By being persistent, you will reap what you sow – You will soon see changes and you will be surprised that you can discover new opportunities arise, thanks to – guess what – changes in the business world driven by trends, supply-and-demand, and other factors that are shifting literally in seconds.

Today, window of opportunities are short and quickly pass – If you missed them, you are probably too late to grab them. How to discover such opportunities? Most likely, those opportunities are hidden from your sight because you won’t allow yourself to see them. You will also surprise yourself that you have enough courage to take calculated risks to make opportunities into realities.

Soon, you will suddenly find yourself running a healthy business (or any money-making vehicles you discovered!) and wondering why you didn’t embrace changes earlier.

Indeed, changes are good!

Ivan Widjaya
I am ‘change-friendly’