Eco Business Opportunity For Sale – Half Empty Half Full?

green business opportunity
Eco business opportunity
Noobpreneur to me – talks to small business owners, and entrepreneurs either involved with small start-ups or considering startups. Many of us on this site are not trying to figure out how to invest the $500,000 we have into a new venture.  Many are trying to figure out how to start or grow a business with little or no money.  I work with business owners and individuals in the process of buying and selling businesses.  I recently began helping with a smaller kind of opportunity in somewhat of a still startup phase that I thought was worth the analysis of the Noobpreneur readership.

How typical is this situation – A good idea, some money to support this interest, and then time, market conditions, and personal situation all integrate to disallow a good idea from flourishing into a full-fledged self sustained business.  A business associate of mine recently  introduced me to this business owner and thought I may be able to consult and assist her with a direction for her venture she started 2 years earlier with her daughter.  The owner is an artist, but also a Mom, a Grandmother, and one of failing health.  We reviewed the concept of what was needed to either move the business from virtually zero sales (where it is now) into a viable ongoing business or sell to others and be done with this venture.  The business owners health was a determining factor in our decision to sell this business.  As we sat and discussed we both had the typical entrepreneurial  excitement about the various sales channels one could pursue to grow and build this business, but without the energy and health to diligently and consistently do what one needs to do to grow a business this direction was a moot point. My thought was that if she, in her current situation was not able to move the business forward over the last year, what now would be different?  I could suggest/advise some exciting low cost sales/marketing efforts, but how could she carry those out with the needed energy and vigor.

“Greenwashing ” is a term applied today to a business idea or practice that for self-promotional purposes presents itself as a “green product or service”, when in reality may not be “green” at all.  My interest in “green” goes back into the early 1980’s when I majored in Energy Management in college and was doing physic experiments on Solar Photovoltaics, and reports on The Greenhouse Effect and Nuclear Waste Disposal.

So to be able to help out this very nice business owner with a business that while rather simple is truely based on a sound  Green practice, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – it gained my interest and support.

She currently has 20,000+ cards in inventory.  She has had a few resellers over the last year but currently only has one.- and they sell on consignment – and they gain 50% on the sale. The cards retail for $6.95.- So the retail value of her inventory is about $140,000. Of course the value of the inventory as it sits in a closet is $0. There is no Internet sales effort, no marketing efforts, no reseller network set up.  I think she may have a good idea here which she only got half way to the alter. Sometimes when businesses are put up for sale the business is well run and room for improvement is somewhat limited.  Locating a business opportunity with significant upside is usually a high priority criteria. Very easy and understandable for all of us as entrepreneurs to view this glass as half empty or half full…

Eco Friendly Greeting Card Business For Sale Fort Myers Florida Area – Relocatable- Home based Business

Green Business For Sale $26,000

Asset sale with one consignment reseller of product. Patented Eco-Friendly Card Business.   Circle Card has designed Cards that are special events cards (birthdays, anniversary etc) that are signed . dated and sent to family or friends, saved, and then this card becomes a return card to same family or friend. The card becomes a keepsake suitable for framing and or display. This Biz truly utilizes the ‘3 R’s’ to sound environmental practices – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.   Owner does not have health nor time to put effort needed to market.   This Currently is a Home Based Business.   A green Business opportunity in Lee County Florida. This business For Sale Listing and others may be viewed at

General Location  – Lee County Florida         SWFL         Fort Myers Area

Organization Type –  Partnership

Non-Compete – 100 miles           3 years

Training Provided – 1 week or as needed

Skills needed – Sales and Marketing

Years Establish  – 2 years

Reason For Sale – Health and time to market

The Green business Industry is poised for significant growth.   This eco-friendly greeting card concept truly uses green concepts   by reducing the amount of paper by reusing the card more than once essentially recycling a card that normally would be used and then thrown away.   This business can be run from Home.   setting up additional retail outlets such as tourist shops, gifts and novelty stores as resellers would increase volume.   Also Internet sales would allow international exposure and growth.   This business is certainly relocatable.

This Greeting Card Business For Sale  Includes the Following:

Accts. Rec.     $0

Inventory   $23,000

Leasehold   $0

Real Estate     $0

Other *   $3,000 patent included on a royalty basis or negotiable.   The cards have a   return form format within the card  that is patented.

Total $26,000

Inventory includes 23,000 plus cards, envelopes, sleeves and Miscellaneous Display tray/boxes and other associated materials.   A developed and operating website is also included with this sale.

Seller Financing may be considered.