How to Make Money Online by Establishing a Blog Network

blog network
Blog network
Despite what some experts claiming that making money online is not that hard (and I believe to some this is entirely true,) the rest of us are still struggling, trying to make money online as a living, dollar by dollar, even cents by cents.

To some of us, we give up hope and becoming bitter – we concluded that it’s probably easy to enter making money online arena, but to make more in such a way that it can be our main source of income is another story. To some others, make money online is a constant struggling of making ends meet. I, of course, recommend you to be the latter, not the former.

Make money online blogging

Blogging is touted to be one of the better ways to make money online – this is for a reason. With the help of blogging platforms, such as WordPress, blogging is made easy. You can focus your effort to provide valuable content to your readers, and using various methods of making money online – publishing Ad Networks’ ads, own product sales, affiliate marketing, sponsored reviews, ad spots sales, etc. – you can start monetising your blog.

Unfortunately, blogging is difficult if you don’t have the ‘personality’ – a knack to write compelling content and getting other to trust you and take everything you put on the table. Without ‘personality’ you still can make money online through blogging, but not to the scale of those A-list bloggers.

If you feel that ‘personality’ is what you lack of, here’s another make money strategy you can consider: How about building a blog network?

Make money online from your blog network

You’ve finally found the ‘formula’ to manage and monetise your blog. Now what about replicate it to, say, 10 blogs? Or, let’s shoot for the stars – 100 blogs or more, perhaps?

Doing them yourself might overwhelm you (although I know a couple who run more than 200 blogs on their own!) You might want to consider these two options: outsourcing or automation.

Outsourcing your blogs creation and management can bring more quality to your blogs; automation, on the other hand, can replicate your blog building strategies and tactics using productivity and automation tools widely available from the Internet. Combining outsourcing and automation can give you the ultimate weapon of mass money making.

How and where to start?

What I explain above is just scratching the surface of the enormous potential of blogs in helping you quit your job (even exit your off line business) to go make money online full-time.

But first thing first – let’s start building your blogging empire by getting your hands dirty in creating a blog – yourself. And no, you don’t need a techie to do this. Even if you have the resource to hire one, you should consider building a blog yourself to gain experience.

For this purpose, I recommend no other than WordPress, arguably the most powerful and noob-friendly blogging platform. Instead of learning how to blog by joining Blogger, Multiply, etc. you should join – the sole purpose is to grasp the fundamental of blogging with WordPress.

I would like to recommend you a free blog hosting similar to – my very own It’s a free blog hosting built on WordPress MU (WordPress for multi-user.) Signing up is free and you can start blogging within 3 minutes. unique feature compared to other similar WordPress-based free blog hosting sites is the free autoblogging plugins available to each and every member.

When you are ready, you can start build and host your own WordPress blog by signing up with a reliable hosting provider, buying a domain name, and creating a WordPress blog.

Here’s a strategy you can consider: Mix between building self-hosted WordPress blogs, such as, and free WordPress blogs, such as those from and Use your self-hosted ones as your main blogs, and the free-hosted ones as tools driving traffic and link value to your main blogs.

The best advice I can give is: Just do it! I know many people have strong knowledge on how to build a blog, even a blog network and make money out of them – but never actually start building them. Again, just do it!

Ivan Widjaya
Building a blog network
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