Online Business Idea: Facebook e-Commerce Store Using Payvment

facebook online business idea
Are you and your business on Facebook? If so, you can turn your fan page into a sales page using a Facebook e-commerce solution offered for free by Payvment.

I stumbled on an article on Springwise regarding an online retail solution, Payvment, and to say the least, I am impressed by the opportunity presented by implementing Payvment into your Facebook fan page. More on this later – read on.

An online storefront in 15 minutes – for free!

Now you can launch a free store on Facebook using Payvment e-commerce solution. A San Francisco-based company, Payvment promises you to be able to set up your enterprise-grade storefront in 15 minutes flat.

If you are wondering about the marketing-side of the storefront, just ask yourself. How would you add new friends, “Like” a fan page, or find new contacts easily? That’s how easily Payvment-powered store can be promoted – it is an app inside Facebook and it incorporates all the features of Facebook; indeed, you can promote the store the way you promote your fan pages.

Facebook fan pages? Indeed – Payvment is a Facebook app that ’embeds’ an enterprise-grade web store to your fan page as easy as 1-2-3: Install the app, set things up, add products and you’re done.

facebook fan page web store
Screenshot of Payvment-powered Facebook Fan Page

E-commerce is all about trust, and this is what Payvment can offer you – every store you launch (you can add a store on UNLIMITED number of fan pages you have) will be TRUSTe certified, ensuring you with online privacy and safety.

I mentioned above about enterprise-grade storefront. Well, with Payvment, you can have a full-fledged online retail solution allowing you to do virtually anything you can think of an online store would do: product management, order management, integrated payment system, shipping solutions, and marketing features. And guess what, you can integrate the Payvment-powered Facebook storefront with your existing system using REST APIs (REST service allows you to create a custom e-commerce solution without the need for complex custom coding.)

How can Payvment help your small business?

One of the most effective strategy for small business going online is to ‘hitch a ride’ of established social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook. The social networks’ characteristics allow you to leverage your effort to promote your brand and sell your product, namely buzz marketing.

You can setup a web store fast, meaning you can move on to marketing and sales campaigns quickly.

How about the potential? Well, since it was launched in November, there are more than 20,000 Facebook users – both businesses and individuals – have setup and started to sell their products. Here’s a real potential indicator: More than 500,000 Facebook users have purchased from Payvment-powered web store.

A great potential, indeed. Check out Payvment’s Facebook e-commerce store list of features here.

Ivan Widjaya
Facebook e-commerce store