Twitter Business Idea: Pay with a Tweet

pay with a tweet
Pay With A Tweet
If you think you have seen enough businesses trying to get a hold of the massively successful Twitter, think again. Here is a new and innovative business model, which is touted to be the first social payment system where people pay for products they buy with the value of their social network, as published on SpringWise.

Pay With A Tweet (PWAT) – the creation of German-American company, Innovative Thunder – allows you to buy or sell a product in exchange for a tweet. For instance, if you have just completed an ebook but your focus is for the ebook to bring buzz to your business this brand new business model (yet to be released) then you should try the service right away.

The typical method would be offering the ebook on your site for free in exchange for visitor’s name and email address, as a list building campaign. This new method of promoting your ebook and what’s inside won’t get you an email list, but it will bring you buzz.

Here’s the PWAT concept:

PWAT Twitter buzz concept

And if you wonder what Twitter can buzz, consider this: The “social word of mouth” can bring you exposure in exponential manner – if your ebook is purchased by someone with a tweet, the network of the buyer will see the tweet and could retweet it to their own network, and so on. Suddenly, your ebook is spreading on Twitter like wildfire (if it contains quality content, of course.)

My test

PWAT is not yet launched, but you can test the feature by “buying’ its very own ebook for a tweet. I’ve tested the feature, and I must say it’s simplistic and highly possible to get your ebook its well-deserved exposure.

Oh My God What Happened And What Should I DoThe ebook, titled “Oh My God What Happened and What Should I Do,” can be downloaded by clicking on the “Test PWAT Now” button on the right hand side of the PWAT homepage. You will then be brought with a couple of confirmation screens asking for your permission to connect to your Twitter account. Just enter your username and password to allow Twitter API to connect and there you go – Click the download button and you’ll get the PDF and the system is automatically post an update on your Twitter account.

Simple. Effective. Powerful.

What’s inside the ebook?

The ebook content itself is actually great – the first part is an interesting outline of the digital history, showing how the digital world evolves to today’s socially-driven media. The concluding part is interesting: Traditional advertising media is declining, digital advertising media is growing fast.

The next part of the ebook is even more interesting: There are “49 learnings that can help you make the move into the digital era of awesomeness.” Awesome, indeed.

Can PWAT help you promote your business?

If you want to embrace the power of buzz, PWAT could be indispensible in you Internet marketing and business branding campaign. When it’s finally launched, you should give it a try to see whether it can help you or even give you a new idea on how to market your products and services.

For now, the test purchase looks very promising. What do you think? Share your thoughts by commenting on this article.

Ivan Widjaya
Embracing the power of Twitter