Matchmaking Tools for Business Startups

business matchmaking service
Business matchmaking service
If you think matchmaking is for personal relationship, think again. offers matchmaking services for small business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs to find the right partner to co-found a business startup.

Business relationship, in a sense, is like personal relationship. The right partner is needed to make things run well. Most often than not, in order to discover your best match, you need a third party help – a “marketplace,” a forum, etc.

There are actually matchmaking services available for business – matching the right buyers with the right sellers, the right freelancers with the right freelance project owners, the right investors with the right business startups, and many other matchmaking types.

Unlike the conventional business matchmaking above, what does is, indeed, life-hacking.

How it works

As tipped by Springwise, UK-based allows members to find their best match in starting up a business according to certain criteria.

You can start finding potential partner to turn your great business idea into a reality.

Just click on “search” and you’ll be presented with options, such as Developer, Business, Marketing, Design, Law or Accounting. You can also find potential business partners with some preferences, such as those who are interested in long term growth or quick exit, bootstrap funding or VC funding, and profit-sharing or equity-sharing.

On your side, you need to specify your number of hours of business commitment in building your business startup (you can commit up to 6 days a week, if you want.)

You will then be presented with profiles of potential business partners, the social media style. You can then start contacting or networking with them. I would personally want to see more details on the business partner profile pages, such as a direct contact email address (a “contact me” button with encrypted or hidden email address would work just fine,) previous partnership experience, etc.

It’s a simple concept, really. But the “business partner pool” concept is helpful in finding some candidates fast and easy.

The potential is great and let’s see how can help you and other budding entrepreneurs to start a business. What’s your view on this new startup?

Ivan Widjaya
Business matchmaking service