2011 Startup Ideas: Sneak Peek of Trend Hunter’s 2011 Trend Reports

2011 business trends
2011 business trends
Are you looking for trends and ideas in 2011 to spice up your existing business, or even to start a new one based on one of the ideas? This blog post will let you know where to look for business ideas; the same place where eBay, Google and the other giants look for trends and ideas for their next innovation.

Small business owners – get ready for 2011. There is no other situation better for entrepreneurship than recession, and 2011 is probably the best time to start a new business. I am excited and I hope you do, too!

If you are a long-time reader of Noobpreneur.com, you must have known that I look for business ideas from trend sites, such as Trend Hunter.

What I love about such sites is that they are trend spotter-generated. No marketer-suggested, endorser-driven or advertiser-influenced – all trends are spotted by members just because they love the ideas.

In Trend Hunter case, their cutting edge ideas are coming from over 40,000 global members. Trend Hunter network boasts 92,000 micro-trends and innovative ideas.

Business trends for 2011

Tangible Social Media, People-Powered Transport, Fitvertising, Compound Entrepreneurship, Social Media Merchandising…

One of my favourite ideas from Trend Hunter is Tangible Social Media – the printed version of your social networking conversations; Social networking users now want lasting connections with the social media sites they are active in via printed memoirs, custom books and comics. If you think that off line publishing is dead, think again.

If you are eager to blow past your competitors, you might want to get a sneak peek of Trend Hunter’s 2011 Trend Reports. This is a really valuable sneak peek because accessing the full version of the reports will require you to pay, starting from $960 – indeed, sometimes quality ideas come at a price.

Go to Trend Hunter’s Trend Reports to learn more.

Trend Hunter is basically a freemium online magazine – the available trend coverage on the site themselves are enough to give you plenty of business ideas, while the “PRO” version allows you to access deep analysis of the trends.

Of course, ideas are just ideas until you actually take action on it…

What makes entrepreneurs successful is the fact that they are risk taker; they are willing to bring ideas into life, even for the sake of satisfying their curiosity.

You may have read and interested in 1,001 small business trends and ideas. However, not doing anything to take just an idea into reality won’t add any values to your entrepreneurial journey.

Find business ideas, calculate your risks, plan a fallback, and start your business – just do it!

Ivan Widjaya
2011 business ideas and trends