Richard Branson as a Flight Attendant on Air Asia

richard branson flight attendant
Richard Branson the Stewardess
How far will you go in your entrepreneurial journey? For Richard Branson of Virgin Group and Tony Fernandes of Air Asia, the sky is the limit.

I just found an interesting update from Trend Hunter about Richard Branson who will serve as a flight attendant on one of Asia’s top low-budget airlines, Air Asia. No joke.

Richard Branson, the billionaire, was losing a bet to his pal Tony Fernandes, the CEO of Air Asia (and also Tune group, a low budget travel business.) The bet is on Formula One race.

According to Daily Mail, the bet is on whose Formula One team will rank higher in 2010.

The result: Branson’s Virgin Racing and Fernandes’ Lotus F1 completed the season with zero points, but because Lotus F1 has better race finishing positions, Fernandes win the bet. Poor Branson.

Being a flight attendant is hilarious enough, but here is what make the situation worth a headline: Richard Branson will serve as a flight attendant in a stewardess outfit. He will wear high heels and makeup. He will also do a stewardess duty, including cleaning the Air Asia airplane’s bathrooms. Branson will need to shave his legs, but he may keep his beard.

richard branson air asia stewardess
A mock-up of Branson in a stewardess uniform from Air Asia Marketing Department

You might want to note that Richard Branson will do all of the above on Air Asia’s London Stansted – Kuala Lumpur flight on February 21, 2011.

So if you want to see the infamous and eccentric billionaire in action, you might want to go to either Stansted Airport, UK or Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia to join all the fun.

You can also read the coverage about the wager from The Telegraph.

Ivan Widjaya
Richard Branson’s fan