Online Business Success Stories from India

online business success story india
India's online business success stories
Business is all about realizing commercial success and if one thinks about this aspect it becomes increasingly clear that in an increasingly competitive environment being “different” is what counts. While “novelty” is one connotation of the word “innovation” yet another one is “originality” and if one were to look around today one can see that people in business are coming up with ideas that are novel and original, turning them in to products and services that are meeting with commercial success. Nothing seems too bizarre and this may be attributed to changing lifestyles and income levels that seem to be moving only one way that is upwards.

The internet made it all simpler landform all those aspiring online business owners here are two success stories from India…

In The Business of Surprises

When the twenty something Ruchi Chopra wanted to surprise her friend with a pizza she found that it was very difficult for the people at the pizza outlet to understand that the place to which the pizza had to be delivered and the one from which payment for it had to be collected were indeed different. It was then that it occurred to her that there must be many others who like her who want to surprise their dear ones which time or geographical distances may not permit. With this realization Ruchi found her niche in the market and set up her creative venture “Any Surprise Any Place”.

Her company won NDTV award for the most creative business idea and it allows anyone who wants to surprise their loved ones with something as simple as a box of cookies or chocolates or as bizarre as live band, a clown or showering petals from a chopper to do so. Simply log on to the company’s colorful and interactive website and order a surprise. Flexibility is the key here because those who want to order an exclusive surprise can call and discuss their requirements with Ruchi herself. The company is just the thing city stressed folks with no time to go out and buy that gift or wish a loved one in another city could do with.

An Online Circulating Library

In the era of the internet the magic of the written word and the touch of a paperback continue to beckon avid readers. Time again is an important constraint for those grappling with busy schedules and cannot just make it to the library. is a venture that allows members to order their favorite books from among over 8,000 paperbacks and has a range of membership plans.

Registering for a membership, ordering books and searching for a particular title or author can be done online. Delivery at one’s door step at no extra cost is another feature that went down well in Mumbai where the venture was launched initially. Having spread its operations to Bangalore and Pune the venture is growing from strength to strength.

In my next post we take a look the Four P’s of these ventures…