How to Design Attention-Grabbing Business Cards

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Well-designed business cards
Business cards are no longer just information on piece of papers. They are now powerful tools to communicate and drive customers to your business.

The idea of a business card is to get the holder’s attention and urge him/her to keep it as long as possible for future reference. So, your business cards should no longer contain your name, company name and address only. Your business cards should communicate much, much more than that.

It is challenging to send so much information on a small piece of paper. However, I do have some ideas on how to communicate your messages using visual and psychological aspects in subtlety. So, when your prospects are looking to your business cards, they will get more information beyond words printed on the cards. Read on.

Be unusual

The basic rule of thumb for a business card: It should draw attention. If your business cards look just like the other 10,000 companies out there, you fail. Plain and simple.

One question: What grabs your attention? The answer is: Anything that are not normal. Unusual business cards will grab attention simply because it looks different. Sure, nice graphics and good choice of colours can make your business cards stand out, but being unusual, weird or quirky can help (don’t overdo it, though.)

Business cards with rounded corners, die cut business cards, etc. can help. “Weird” messages on your business cards could also help; something like, “This business card will bring you good luck – keep it!” Believe it or not, many will be attracted to keep your business cards because of the funny message; if you are superstitious, you might want to keep the business card for a different reason.

Avoid common mistakes

There is a list of big no-no when designing business cards, such as: Too much information on the card, too small font, poor quality paper, poor quality business card cutting, poor choice of color, poor graphic design, etc.

Avoid the above instantly improve your business cards quality (and your business image and credibility.)

Do more with less

How about adding QR code on your business cards? With many mobile devices come with QR code reader, this is a great way to provide more information about your business without having your business cards cluttered. Smart graphic designer can turn QR codes into a work of arts – add the cool-looking QR code into your business cards and you will get more attention.

Some creative businesses also use their business cards for other purposes. Some add a calendar, discount code, etc. at the back of the card. The idea is for the business card holders to keep the cards longer.

One suggestion: Whenever possible, do trials. Print a small amount of business cards with different designs and get feedback from the receivers. This could be somewhat resource-consuming, but it’s better than having thousands of business cards printed only to find that the layout and information on it are not effective in delivering your business message.

Ivan Widjaya
Creative business card ideas
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