You Will Be Surprised What Your Business Cards Really Say About Your Brand

Every serious business owner needs to invest in business cards. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs underestimate the significance of them. You need to understand what role business cards play in your business, so you don’t represent your brand with a subpar design.

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Your business cards are more important than you would think

It is a common misconception that the only purpose of a business card is to share contact information. Entrepreneurs often think that they only need to give out business cards so people can easily find their contact information later.

While business cards certainly help you share contact information with potential customers, they also serve other important purposes as well. Another important role business cards play is reinforcing your brand image.

When you hand out your business card, a potential customer is going to take a hard look at it. Your business card helps you make a stronger impression.

You will have to notice that I did not say your business card makes a “better” impression. The reality is that your business card could either help or hurt your brand. A well-designed business card can reinforce faith in your company. If your business card is poorly designed, on the other hand, you will be fighting an uphill battle trying to build trust.

Making sure your business card strengthens your brand

Your business card is a lot more important than you probably used to think. You can’t just hand out business cards with low quality designs and hope people will still plan on calling you the next time they need someone that offers your services. You are going to need to design them properly.

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How to design proper business cards?

There are several things that you need to get right while designing a business card. The most important are listed below.

1. Make sure the aesthetics match the expectations of your industry customers

There are a lot of business card templates available online. Some of them look very nice at first glance. However, even if a design looks nice, it might not be ideal for your brand.

You need to consider the expectations of your potential customers. A business card with bold, warm colors such as pink and magneto might be great for a business card for a fashion designer. However, those same colors might not be good for a business card for a law firm.

You should pay close attention to the templates of other business cards in your industry. This is a better starting point.

2. Have a visible and simple call to action

One thing that many business cards miss is a strong call to action. You can’t just include your brand name and contact information and hope that potential customers will reach out. You need to write a message that inspires them to do so. Your call to action should not be more than eight words. You don’t have a lot of space on your business card and people don’t want to read a lot anyways.

3. Make sure to include a high-quality logo

Your logo is going to be one of the most visible parts of your business card. It is important to make sure that it is well-designed.

It is really a good idea to design your logo yourself. You’re better off hiring a professional that well make sure that the aesthetics properly represent your brand. Trying to save money with the poor logo is going to be off-putting to potential customers.

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Come up with the right business cards for your company

It is important to make sure that your business cards reflect well on your company‘s brand image. Take the time to plan out your design and don’t be afraid to pay for professional assistance if necessary. It’s going to be one of the best investments you will make.