5 Die-Cut Business Cards Design Ideas

When it comes to business cards, you know the drill – the most eye catching ones win. By winning, I mean nothing more than the holder of your cards glance at your cards for several seconds and really read what’s on yours. With that being said, you need something in your business cards that catch the recipient’s. One of the ways to achieve that is via design.

die cut business card
Image from Behance.net

Making business cards today is more convenient than ever: There are online printing services that can take your order online, let you send your business card design – or let you design it yourself, pay for your order and receive your order at the comfort of your home (or office – your choice.)

When you print business cards with reputable online printing companies, you will shortly notice that there are samples and templates you can use as your inspiration.

Grabbing attention with die-cut business cards

I love web and graphic design, and when I am visiting online printing sites, I like to browse around for cool designs. I personally like die-cut business cards, simply because they are different from your typical rectangular business cards.

Die-cut business cards, in my opinion, can get your recipients’ attention straight away: Some business cards are simply awe-inspiring in such a way that the die-cutting itself draws their attention. You might want to consider making die-cut business cards for the benefits they carry; remember, business cards matters in your business branding efforts.

If you are looking for inspiration, here are 5 smart die-cut business card designs that immediately caught my attention. Enjoy!

1. Logo die-cut business cards

logo die cut business cards
Image by Tim O’Connor

How about your logo die-cut inside your business cards? The above are OrderList.com’s business cards with its die-cut logo looks great on both sides of the business cards.

2. Product-shaped die-cut business cards

product die cut business card
Image from MikeGertrudes.com

Selling dog biscuits? Why not making your business cards to take shape of the dog snacks? Eye-catching, pretty self-explanatory and a keeper.

3. die-cut business cards with background story

message die cut business card
Image by Genie Alisa

The above is a personal card of Genie Alisa. Why did she die-cut a bottle in her card? That’s because her mother always explain her name as Genie in the bottle (Genie sounds like Jenny – so, there are some explaining to do!) Personal story always interesting, and the above card can singlehandedly kick-start a conversation, which can lead to many paths!

4. Stencil die-cut business cards

stencil die cut business cards
Image by Kariann Blank ( Burleson )

How about your name, brand or company name “stenciled” into a business card? See-through cards always spark interest of the recipients.

5. Round-shaped die-cut business cards

round die cut business cards
Image from CardRabbit.com

Okay – maybe you don’t want to get too fancy with your business cards; no worries – you can always make your business cards round in shape. Why round-shaped die-cut business cards? It’s simple – because round is not rectangle – different shapes help you avoid “design blindness.”

There are actually plenty more examples – such as interactive business cards and so on, but the 5 examples above, in my opinion, is sufficient to get you started when you decide to take the die-cut path in making business cards.

So – how about you? Do you prefer a rectangular business cards or die-cut business cards that shapes and forms are only limited by your imagination?

Ivan Widjaya
Die-card business cards rock!