Google Panda goes Global: How Business Websites can Benefit from the Update

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Google Panda
I just read an update from the official Google Webmaster Central blog that it is now official that Google Panda update has gone global. The impact is significant – what should you do to benefit from the update?

Google Panda at a glance

Google Panda update is the latest changes in Google search engine algorithm that impact many websites, including the household names, such as eHow, eZineArticles and HubPages. As Google is important in many – if not all – businesses’ strategy in delivering traffic and business, the updates directly impact the websites.

What does Google Panda do? It’s an algorithm update; the algorithm is responsible in ranking your website. Google Panda focuses improving the quality of the search engine results by penalising websites which content is either duplicated or low in quality. The aim is for websites with quality content to rank higher above the rest with lower quality – all in all, this is a plausible move by Google.

The impact of Google Panda update on global business websites

Unfortunately, not all happy with the algorithm update. As always, the end results are a bit ambiguous. But all in all – we get Google’s idea with its Google Panda update.

For business websites – company websites, e-commerce sites, business blogs, etc. – the Google Panda update impacts them in different ways, with mixed results.

As we all know, big names were “punished” by Google, losing ranks in Google search results; losing ranks mean losing exposure and traffic needed for branding purpose and generating business. Certain types of sites are also hit hard with the update: Web directories, article directories, news sites, etc.

Google Panda was first introduced in Google US, Now, it’s confirmed that Google Panda has been implemented on Google search sites worldwide. Google won’t leave a single stone unturned. Initially, the update will only impact English-language Google users. The (near) future plan includes other languages.

This Google Panda global update will also impact those sites already impacted by the previous local update. So, for example, eHow now need to get things sorted fast before the company losses more from global visitors.

How you can benefit from this situation

Not all gloom and doom with the Google Panda updates. Google’s Amit Singhal suggests that if your business website meets the Google quality guidelines, you shouldn’t worry – in fact, you should benefit positively from the changes.

Today is the perfect time to create quality content, as it is now better acknowledged by Google than before. Before Google Panda, your unique, quality content can rank lower than those re-purposed content due to the fact that those lower quality contents are on websites with better link popularity. So, I think Google Panda is closing the gap (or loopholes, if you will,) giving chances for the small guys with great content to compete with the big guys.

Unfortunately, Google search algorithm is executed by Google bots, not humans. No matter how smart they are, there’s always a chance of small glitches and whatnot. So, if you think your business website contains quality content and feels that Google Panda “mistreats” your site, you should evaluate other aspects of your sites. As the final straw, you can always request for explanations from Google via Google Webmaster Help forums.

Ivan Widjaya
Google Panda goes Global
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