How to Go Mobile and Go Green with Your Payment Processing

iphone mobile payment processing
Accepting payments using your iPhone
Did you know that you can accept payments for services and products you provide using your iPhone? This article will show you how your iPhone can be turned into a credit card processing device, such as the iphone credit card reader from

Mobility is one of the key success factors that will determine business service quality. Adopting the mobile phone technology for your business benefit proves to be a smart move, as it will add flexibility and responsiveness factors to your small business.

When going mobile, many of you would think about marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) done by implementing the mobile technology.

No, you are not mistaken. Marketing and CRM are effective using the mobile medium. Sending marketing messages or simply saying thanks for doing business with you can be effectively done by sending them to customers’ mobile phones.

However, there is one business activity that not many realise; something that will give your small business extra mobility needed to serve customers better: Accepting payment using your smartphones.

How to accept payment using your smartphones

If you think that your smartphones are only for communication, task management, and multimedia purposes only, think again. As novelty as it sounds, you can also use your smartphone to accept credit card payment from your customers. So, yes – you can virtually process payment virtually from anywhere.

“So – how on earth can I swipe customers’ credit cards on my iPhone,” you might ask.

The answer is a small credit card reader device plugged into your smartphone plus an application that runs it. offers such iPhone-compatible credit card reader – a device that can instantly transform your iPhone into a credit card payment processing terminal.

Why you should process payment using your smartphones

Processing payment using your smartphones can offer you both mobility and a chance to green your payment processing – and more. How so?

1. Mobility

Is your small business participating in a trade show? The mobile payment processing solution can help you accept payment via credit cards, manage inventory, and create receipts.

2. Convenience and budget-friendly

Processing payments via your iPhone can offer convenience to both your small business and your customers.

Your customers can make payment on the go; your business can have all the sales records stored in your iPhone – no need to have multiple devices for your business activities, and this can save your hard earned cash.

3. Eco-friendy

Processing payment using your iPhone or iPad means everything is paperless. Receipts can be sent to customers’ email addresses, and proofs of sales can be viewed anytime, anywhere.

How to choose the right mobile payment processing?

There are some mobile payment processing solutions on the market today. To choose the one for your small business, I recommend you to look for security features of the app and device.

Be sure that the app and device won’t store credit card information. Also be sure that you choose an app that offers you a unique, secured account, so that you won’t have to share account with anybody else.

Ivan Widjaya
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