Entrepreneurs: Do You Live a Purpose Driven Life?

living a purpose driven life
Entrepreneurs should live a purpose driven life
We are here today for a purpose. Probably unlike some who believe the otherwise, I believe that there is no coincidence in our existence. Our business successes and failures are purposeful – successes make us want to reach up more, failures teach us to be resilient and walk our entrepreneurial journey with faith.

As of for me, God is the center of everything I do. I am not perfect, and I do things unethically and wrongfully at times. But each time I realised I was doing wrong, I always look up to Him.

The importance of purpose in your personal and business life

Have you read Rick Warren‘s Purpose Driven Life? It’s a great devotional book for Christian. But I do know people from other beliefs benefit from the book. The idea of Purpose Driven Life is that for you to discover your purpose in life, as you are here today for a purpose, not by some sort of coincidence.

The key for entrepreneurial success – in your personal life and business life – is to understand your purpose well. Your life’s purpose will funnel all you efforts in life toward it; it’s like a beacon and a lighthouse – when you sway away, you can quickly realise that you need to go back toward that beacon.

As a budding entrepreneur, you want to establish a successful business. You work hard 18 hours a day, 7 days a week to get your business thrive. You plan for the business to grow well and to be sold later to retire early. Sounds like a nice plan – the question is, then what next?

Are getting rich, retire early and travel the world possible? The answer is yesTim Ferriss has done it. He runs his business(es) while traveling the world throughout the year, only working 4 hours a week, even less.

Sound great – but Tim has some cautions for us who decide to follow his footsteps; Tim wrote in his book, that at certain stage you will feel lonely. When you’ve successfully outsourced your life, working only several hours a week – even less, you will realise that not many have done what you have done.

Most people trapped in their job and business 9-to-5 for 30 years – even more to many of us. It’s a lonely world out there when you run multi-million dollar business nearly without lifting a finger.

Tim recommends you to find your purpose – something that you will pursue after you successfully automate and outsource your life and your business.

Tim and Rick are on different world of “business” – but both teach us one important lesson: You need to have a purpose driven life, as without purpose, your life is, well, meaningless.

Find your purpose in life – when you do, you will see things differently

What are you doing with your business – are you helping people or scamming people? What are you going to do with your business – are you going to “get rich alone” or give back to the community?

Your answer will be determined by your purpose in life.

As of for me, my purpose in life is to center everything to God and life a Christian lifestyle – so when people see me, they see what God has given and done for me. I want to be a living example of how God’s care is beyond our imagination.

Ivan Widjaya
Living my life with a purpose
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