PetCareRx Benefits from Choosing the Perfect Niche Market

pet care business idea
Pet care business
The pet product market is one of the only recession proof markets. No matter what state their bank accounts are in, people love to buy items for their pets, even more frivolous items such as rhinestone studded collars and doggie t-shirts that say, “I love Mom.” Something about caring for a pet makes a pet-owner feels good, and they are generally willing to spend however much money is necessary to pamper their pooch or feline friend.

However, pet owners don’t necessarily feel the same way about pet medications. While purchasing adorable clothing and treats makes a pet owner feel good, there is nothing glamorous about buying flea and tick medication for our pets. It doesn’t come in a pretty little package, and it is never cheap. The Founder of PetCareRx noticed this aversion to purchasing pet medications, and was confronted himself with the issue after having to purchase medications for his Rottweiler. The alarmingly high costs of the medications surprised him and forced him to find a way to provide cheaper pet meds to owners.

“I looked around the vet office and saw all the helpless people spending astronomical sums of money to treat their pets,” stated PetCareRx founder. “I wanted to give these people the opportunity to treat their pets without breaking the bank!”

And thus, PetCareRx was born.

Not only did PetCareRx find the perfect niche market, but they were also able to stay afloat during the dot com bubble burst. In part, this is because of the products they offer and because of the strong business model they developed.

“At PetCareRx, the customer always comes first. PetCareRx built a strong foundation around every pet parent’s requirements, backed by a great product line and the highest level of service and convenience. This helped us survive and grow over the years.”

In addition to purchasing that flea and tick or heartworm medication that isn’t always fun to buy, you can also order a variety of healthy pet foods, great treats, and yes, even that doggie shirt for prices under what you would see in a retailer or veterinarian’s office.

So if you are looking to strike it big online, take a lesson from Always put customer service first and make sure you are delivering a product that your customers want and need – regardless of the economic climate.