Home Office Technology Trends: Good-looking and Productivity-enhancing

lady gaga polaroid
Home office gadget by Lady Gaga
Are you looking for ways to spice up your home office? Paul Hochman of Business on Main’s Tech Notes tells you the latest trends in home office gadgets that can enhance your home office and increase your productivity.

What a dull home office can do to you? In my case, I can help making your day… on a bad way. It sometimes boring to work at home – I’m not saying my home is dull (!) but when you live and work at home, you need to make your working environment as comfortable as your living environment.

Fun home office = increased productivity

I have been working at home for 3 years and counting, managing my websites (yes – I am an online entrepreneur.) I work at home most of the times, and one thing I learn from my experience working at home is the fact that you need your working environment to be fun. Of course, it’s important for us to have tools that can help doing our job better and faster – but we do need to consider the aesthetic factor of our home office.

Business tools and gadgets are not all that important – I want to have fun, too! A fun working environment can help me set my mood and boost my creativity. One classic way: Changing my laptop background to funny images. One, probably better, way: Invest in “designer” home office gadgets. Good-looking gadgets can offer you more than just eye-candies – they can boost your productivity, too!

Gadgets to spice up your home office: Some ideas

It’s a trend – gadget function and design are inseparable. Gadget with cutting-edge technologies is great, but imagine how Apple will profit if iPad didn’t have a slick design.

Here are some of my favourite gadgets to inspire you:

Lady Gaga-designed Polaroid GL10 instant mobile printer, a solar-powered desk lamp, and more.

Speaking of good-looking home office gadget, check out this Tech Notes video that can tell you some good-looking gadgets:

Check out the video straight from Business on Main »

Transparent computer monitor

How about turning your laptop’s screen transparent, like this:

transparent monitor
Image by wOOkie

It’s slick and you should expect to woo your clients having it in your home office.

One more idea: B-Squares Modular Solar Powered Electrics

The successfully KickStarter.com crowdfunded project by Octo23 Technologies LLC, the B-Square allows you to store solar energy to charge your mobile devices and batteries. Cool!

Entrepreneurship should be fun!

Business technologies and gadgets can help your entrepreneurial journey a more fun one. Many good-looking home office gadgets are available on the budget. All you need to do is to shop around!

Enjoy your journey!

Ivan Widjaya
On slick home office gadgets

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