Where to Look for Mobile Food Business Ideas

mobile food business ideas
Mobile Cuisine Magazine

Last month, I have written a brief on how to start a food cart business. I want to follow up by recommending you a source of information I found very useful: Mobile Cuisine Magazine.

You can look for small business ideas from many sources (including Noobpreneur.com!) however it’s better for you to look for information offered by the experts in your particular niche, for one obvious reason: You can get answers to your particular question about your niche.

In this case, if you are passionate about food and want to share your secret recipe while having a relationship with the people in your city via a food truck, you should look for business ideas in mobile food sites. One of the most useful mobile food business sites is Mobile Cuisine Magazine – an online mobile food magazine for food trucks business owners and enthusiasts.

Mobile Cuisine Magazine is founded by Richard Myrick, who also plays an important role in day-to-day operations as Editor-in-Chief.

From the online magazine I can learn a great deal about mobile food business: How to get startup capital for launching your food truck business, how to use social media to promote your food truck, food truck owners’ features/interviews, and news surrounding the mobile food industry.

And here’s the most “interesting” part in starting a business; when it comes to business startup, you need to do your due diligence, particularly focusing on the legal issues. Before you invest your startup capital on anything, it’s important for you to know your city’s laws and regulations regarding food trucks. You can learn about the laws and regulation (the Mobile Food Vendor or MFV laws) extensively from the online magazine.

If you are looking for the information you couldn’t find elsewhere, you should go to the mobile food forums. For food truck owners, there is also a section on Mobile Cuisine Magazine you should consider listing your food truck business in the free mobile food online directory.

I benefit greatly from the online magazine. I learn many new things from the site. So, if you are really eager in getting your food trucks up and running quickly, I believe Mobile Cuisine Magazine will benefit you greatly – even more than I do!

So – why don’t you go to Mobile Cuisine Magazine and let me know what you think of the site?

Ivan Widjaya
Mobile food business