Are You Anxious because Your Business Performance Drops? Read this!

how to beat anxiety
Anxious entrepreneur
“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” – 1 Peter 5:7 NIV

I am a bit anxious these days. Partly because some of my web business ventures that don’t go so well; I am also anxious because my business revenue drops. All in all, this month could have been better.

But as an entrepreneur, we are (or should?) getting used to the ups and downs in our business revenue. Unfortunately, despite being normal, dropping revenue always bothers me a lot.

I always feel that dropping business revenue means something is wrong with me and my business.

But no – don’t get me wrong. This blog post is not about rants and such; this blog post is about how to deal with anxiety in your entrepreneurial journey and be thankful in every situation you face – either good or bad.

How to beat anxiety: Don’t do it all alone and be thankful

You can’t cast your anxiety by trying to beat it all alone. You need help. You also need to learn to be thankful in every situation, good or bad – as everything happens for a cause – a good cause, I believe.

Cast all your anxiety on Him

I’m thankful that I have a guide that always teach me how to handle such business matters – the Bible. You see, I’m not a devoted Christian – I have made mistakes on regular basis; but I learn a lot from my mistakes and I know that in every situation, my God will always there for me.

Seek help from friends and family

I also have friends, acquaintances, family members and fellow business owners who are there to consult with. Some fellow business owners also experience what I did, and some others just thrive and break their own best records in term of business revenue. I’m thankful that they kindly share their thoughts and offer me some pointers on how to navigate my business through the sea of problems.

Consult with your business mentor

Do you have a business mentor? I strongly recommend you to consult with your mentor. Most likely, your mentor has walked your path in the past – I’m sure he/she will have great advices to offer you.

So – your business income decreases… what are you going to do?

The bottom line is, you need to answer this question: “Okay – the situation might not be favourable to you at the moment; so, what are you going to do?”

The answer is yours. Do you choose to sulk and drown yourself in anxiety? Or do you choose to take this opportunity to see things clearly and respond to issues accordingly?

To me, my answer would be to try to respond by analysing my current business properties – are they performing well? Can they actually be better? what did I do wrong? What did my competitors do?

I also try to read as many related news as possible to learn the business and industry trends from business news aggregation sites, forums and blogs, trying to make sense everything and avoid playing the guessing game. Knowledge is power.

Essentially, I am trying to do my part well and let God does His part.

So, what’s your story? How do you respond to such situation? Please share your experience with us by leaving your comment on this blog post…

Ivan Widjaya

Ivan Widjaya

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