5 Ideas for A Great Team Builder

team building ideas
Team building

No matter what your purpose is, whenever you have a group of people that have to work together it is always best when they can work as a team. It is important that everyone in the group feels like they play an equal part in whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve. A lot of businesses take their employees on team building activities so that when they get back to the office they will work well together. Team builders can be great for youth groups and even families as well. Here are 5 ideas for a great team builder:

  1. Lake Trip– If you have a group of 5-10 people then a trip might be just what the doctor ordered. Everyone can enjoy being out on the water, getting some sun, and getting to interact in a low stress environment. Wakeboarding, tubing, and water skiing are just a few of the many fun things you can do with a boat and a day at the lake.
  2. Comedy Show– A local improv comedy club makes for an awesome team builder. Everyone gets to interact with the comedians and suggest topics for the show. Before you know it, each of you will have sore stomachs from laughing so much.
  3. Paintball– You may want to reserve this for an all male group, unless you have some courageous females. There are both indoor and outdoor paintball arenas. Neither is better it just depends on what your preference is. One of the benefits to indoor paintball arenas is that you can enjoy an air conditioned building. With all of the protection gear on things can get a little toasty. Paintball makes for a great test of your groups teamwork and strategy.
  4. Driving School– You can take your team to a specialized driving school. They usually have a classroom session where you go over the course details and discuss proper driving techniques. Then once the classroom session is over you will get to go out to the track with all of your safety gear and practice the techniques in a real vehicle. Some places even offer high speed go-karts that can outperform normal cars.
  5. Shooting Range– This one is for both boys and girls. There are two types of shooting ranges: Indoor and outdoor. The indoor shooting range is mostly for pistols. Outdoor shooting ranges are used generally for shotguns and they are designed to simulate real hunting experiences. Both are a lot of fun and take more skill than you would think.

If you want to keep your team motivated and working well together then a great team builder is the way to go. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either, so don’t feel like you have to stretch your budget to the point that you’re uncomfortable.

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