How a Company with One Full-Timer can Sell 35 Million Product Items a Year: A Case Study

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DAP World's Hearos ear plugs
DAP World sold more than 35 million ear plugs last year – all done with just one full-time employee. How DAP World CEO Doug Pick can do that? Learn the tips and tricks here.

Last week, MSN Business on Main’s Cool Runnings features DAP World – a company headquartered in Southern California that is able to sell over 35 millions ear plugs with only one full-timer.

DAP World, established in 1992, launches ear plugs in various well-known brands, such as Hearos and Sleep Pretty in Pink – ear plug products that can be found on major retailers, such as Walmart, K-Mart, Target, and some others.

The key to DAP World success is the streamlined operations that enable CEO Doug Pick to outsource product manufacturing and fulfillment while working hard persistently trying to get business from top retailers.

Check out this Cool Runnings feature on DAP World:

So, how exactly CEO Doug Pick can do all that, started out as a one-person company – now two? Here are some lessons learned:

1. Outsources product manufacturing

DAP World doesn’t manufacture its own ear plugs. Mr. Pick builds a partnership with one of the largest ear plugs manufacturer in the world (and also other great products – made in USA,) 3M.

2. Partner with non-profits

However, DAP World’s most important partnership is actually New Horizons. Pick says, “New Horizons is my everything.

New Horizons, employing people with disabilities, assembles and packages 3M’s ear plugs, and ship them to customers, such as Walmart, K-Mart, etc. New Horizons helps DAP Worlds to keep fixed costs low, as well as to provide a social benefit.

3. Secure major distribution contacts with persistence

Mr. Pick persistently pitch major retailers – such as Target, that took him 9 years to get the okay.

4. Get everything ready for the big orders

Related to number 3, when you finally get that contract, you don’t want to waste your years of persistence – you want to be financially sound to be able to take big orders, as well as be able to ship your products with exceptional delivery rate – otherwise, you can get your business dumped for not being able to take care their orders; that how things go in retail.

5. Commit to what you are doing

One last advice from Mr. Pick on how to be a successful entrepreneur: Commit, put your heart and soul into it, be passionate, never give up and believe in your dream.

So – there you go… I hope you benefit from the DAP World profile as much as I do.

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DAP World: A Man With a Plan and Millions of Ear Plugs

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