The Power of Focus Marketing in Achieving High Profits For Your Business

focus marketing tips
Focus marketing
Focus marketing, as opposed to mass marketing, means that your business narrows down and targets a specific market group in all its marketing activities.

If you are a small or medium business owner concentrating your efforts on reaching your target market will pay you more.

Here’s how you can focus more to achieve more growth

Concentrated Effort, Greater Results:

Define and locate the group of people who are best in a position to need or want your products or services and direct all your marketing at them. That is the essence of focus marketing, it is simple, yet, may not be so easy to implement.

The analogy of baby and children products manufacturers

What happens when the main target groups for your products or services are minors (under aged) who cannot make buying decisions?

Here focus marketing takes an interesting dimension. You will have to sell your products to the target group (minors) as well as their parents who are in a position to make the buying decisions.

An example is a business selling products or services for kids and children. Marketing has to be done targeting dual groups. The kids have strong psychological effects on their parents. They will need to be sold and made to fall in love with the product before they will exert influence on their parents to buy.

The second segment (parents) groups you target actually do the buying. Relying on the kids to convince their parents may not be enough.

Focusing your marketing brilliantly on these two target groups affords you higher probability of sales.

Focusing on the whole

While marketing a range of products or services that fet a particular target market it is cheaper to market all your products & services hereby giving the choice to the target group. E.g: if you are selling customized handbags, shoes, jewelries all targeted at ladies it is far cheaper to carry along all these products in your marketing.

Focus marketing by parts

Another dimension is to sell different products to different target groups. This is common among big companies with a wide range of products meant for various demographics in the market.

Unbreakable rules of focus marketing

To gain the utmost benefits from focus marketing here are basic rules to observe;

  • Don’t sell to non-decision makers: if you are trying to sell your services to businesses and organization put all your energy and smartness into getting to the decision maker (the person who can pay or order for your products/services), then, market like hell. Don’t waste your time selling to secretaries, gatekeepers etc.
  • Your message must be clear and unambiguous. Don’t confuse your audience.
  • Persistence counts: ever tried and failed before, keep trying

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