Top 10 Blog Posts of 2011

2011 top 10 blog posts's top blog posts of 2011
We are approaching the end of 2011 and as we are getting ready to enter 2012, it’s probably the right time to start thinking about what you are going to do in 2012 with your personal and business life.

Looking back, has done quite a lot throughout 2011.

To name a few, we have moved web servers a couple of times in our effort to give you the best browsing experience; we also partner with authors worldwide (mainly from the US and UK) to provide more diversity in our blog posts.

With regard to the latter, please allow me to highlight some of our finest business blog posts of 2011. I look into the some factors to get the blog posts in the Top 10 list – social media activities, the number of visitors, and of course, my personal favourite.

Without further adieu, here is Top 10 blog posts of 2011:

1. 5 tips to Help your Start-up Business Grow
There are many things to consider when starting a business, to ensure it is strong in all areas and ready to sustain growth as and when the time comes. Here are 5 of them.

2. How to Get Bloggers Promote Your Small Business
Learn how to entice busy bloggers to pay attention to you or your small business long enough to even consider promoting your products or services.

3. Why Small Businesses should get in the Cloud
Given all the benefits of cloud computing, you have every reason to adopt cloud computing. Learn what cloud computing is and why small businesses should use it.

4. Entrepreneurs: Will you do anything for Money?
There are some legitimate reasons why entrepreneurs start a business… but one thing for sure, most are driven by money. The question is, will you do anything for money or to increase profits?

5. How to Optimize Google Places for Small Business
Local search for small business has became increasingly important to your bottom line. Learn how to optimize your Google Places page.

6. The Three Fundamental Elements of a Successful Website
Your business website is not delivering traffic and convert visitors into clients? Perhaps it is time to take another look at your website and consider the three fundamentals of a successful website: Visibility, Usability and Convertibility.

7. 5 Reasons Why Corporate Partnerships are an Ace in the Social Entrepreneur’s Pack of Cards
As a social entrepreneur you will need to partner with the right entities. Corporate partnerships are important in your sociopreneurship success. Here is how to form such partnerships the right way.

8. Is Your Small Business Social Media Marketing Campaign Spamming the Internet?
Spam has been an issue in the Internet for quite a long time. Here’s one big question for you: Are you spamming the Internet with your small business’ social media marketing campaign?

9. Powerful SEO Tools for your Small Business Website
A study on SERP reveals that more than 95 percent of incoming organic search traffic to the surveyed sites are originating from the first page of SERP (the page you see right after you type in a search term.) How to get there?

10. 2011 Top 10 Small Business Ideas
Some business ideas on what business to start this year – perhaps some of them will make the 2012 list? We’ll see!

So – there you go – Top 10 blog posts of 2011! What’s your favourite?

Ivan Widjaya
Happy New Year!