How Live Chat Software Can Grow Your Business

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Live chat for better customer support
Interacting with customers effectively is one of the best and quickest ways to grow your business, but with so many companies trading online this can be difficult to achieve. With live chat software, you can not only interact in real time, but also show your customers that you actually care about their needs. Live chat not only grows your business, it also increases repeat custom. The software is easy to use and will increase customer satisfaction.

Live Chat Equals Growth

The better customer support you have, the more satisfied your customers are likely to be. Live chat software allows you to answer questions in real time. Instead of customers having to wait until business hours to call or avoiding calling in general, they are more likely to remain on your site and purchase your products. No longer will your business be overlooked in preference to the competitors offering better support. Over time, customers will not only start coming back, they will be more likely to recommend you to friends and family. This growth alone will easily cover the cost of the software.

Improve Customer Support

The biggest plus of live chat software is improved customer support. Before live chat, customers either had to call or email to get support and their questions answered. Email could take as much as two to three days, meaning they were likely to shop elsewhere, simply to save time. For the most part, customers do not like to call support lines. They invariably end up being transferred from one department to another or have to wait for business hours before having access to any type of support.

With live chat, customers are able to receive support whenever they are on your site. You can invite them to a chat session when they visit certain pages or stay on your site a set length of time. Proactive support increases customer satisfaction and leads to more sales. Even if you do not have staff available at all hours, automated chat allows the more frequently asked questions to be answered in real time.

Customers love having records of their conversations. This is especially true when technical support or detailed step-by-step instructions are involved. Chatting allows both parties to keep records for reference later. With the correct software, you can also ensure that customers are directed to the relevant department simply by choosing a subject for their chat. No more transfers, and no more leaving the computer or site for support.

Gaining Business

Customers prefer using online businesses with live chat support. They feel confident shopping and doing business with a site that is tech savvy and concerned with good customer support. When interacting with customers you learn what issues they commonly have, such as difficult to navigate websites or questions to add to your FAQs section. You can also offer discounts when visitors open a certain page or before leaving your site, to help gain business from new customers.

Most live chat software also allows you to analyze customer interaction on your site, so you can further optimize your website and gain more business. You can even connect with Google Analytics to create custom reports that will ensure the best online experience for your visitors. When you make a customer’s life easier, they become repeat customers and will advertise your business to their friends and acquaintances.