15 things the competition DOESN’T want you to screw with!

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One thing I should give a damn about: Corporate brand
The big question you must asking yourself is: Why should I give a damn about my corporate brand? I hope this short article can help identify some brand issues and why they make a difference in your ability to make money.

1. You use many inconsistent color schemes in your promotional materials.
Color is a visual trigger. Because it is visual, retention is easier for your customer. No color strategy while not immediately recognized as detrimental leaves no particular impact on the sub-conscience of your customer. Color as an icon provides a color you can own.

2. You don’t always use your logo in your marketing materials.
Not using your logo or even digitally altering your corporate logo is another of those consistency errors. It messes with your identity.

3. You use many icons to represent your company.
Icons are sensory triggers, if you do adopt them, make sure they are a coordinated effort. If you fail to control them they will confuse rather than reinforce.

4. Employees have differing opinions of what the company does to make money.
It is a problem when everyone is not singing from the same song sheet. Differing opinions lead to differing priorities from within. This will lead to a weakening of your brand when they interact with prospects and existing customers.

5. Suppliers don’t know what is expected of them.
Suppliers should have an understanding of where they fit into your brand strategy so that they they appreciate their impact on your success and are not another source of rumor.

6. Customers see your company as simply a commodity.
Price has no soul, you live or die by the sword. If there is no Unique Selling Point, you blend in with competition and all they have to tell you apart is – PRICE.

7. You have no relationship with your top customers.
Simply – if there is no relationship there is only price.

8. Organizational communications are lacking.
Conflicting sources of information within a company is the catalyst for discontent.

9. Staff moral is low.
This is a lack of vision. If your employees are uninspired, you will lose your best players and entrench your worst. This could also lead to a hardship in attracting premium talent.

10. You have no brand values to speak of.
You need values for your corporate brand. These values define your brand to stake holders and inspire communications in a fluctuating marketplace.

11. You have no idea what customers, suppliers or employees think about your company.
You’re flying blind. You’re making decisions based on assumptions and that can’t be good.

12. You have no idea what differentiates your company from the competition.
Discovering this absolutely invigorates your company’s outlook. You lure prospects with something that compels them.

13. You’ve never analyzed the competition’s brand.
You’re assuming a lot here – best to validate those assumptions. Knowing you competitor obviously assists in developing a differentiation.

14. You don’t know what your brand personality is.
Knowing your company’s personality profile helps to establish tone in your marketing materials. It also helps reveal negatives you can target to correct.

– and last by not least…

15. How you answer the phone doesn’t reflect what the logo says.
This seems like a little thing but let’s say the logo says “Alaska Box Company” and the staff answers the phone – “Good morning ABC”, it can be confusing. Which is it? Consistency is KING.

In a nutshell, if you see yourself in any of these corporate brand issues, you’re right to be out here looking for a solution.

Take comfort in knowing that most of your competitors don’t address their corporate brand seriously. Most incorrectly believe it to be their logo and marketing materials. We all make a living helping companies sort thing types of things out. Hopefully, our little discussion here gives you something to work with so that you can strengthen your corporate brand and make all your research online benefit you.