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Are you looking for ways to go frugal with your business startup logo design, but don’t know where to start your journey? If so, here’s how to get affordable – even free logo design – for your business startup…

I’ve read and heard many so-called experts say that, in order to minimise capital expenditure, you need to cut your budget on many areas, including logo design. Well, that’s probably a smart advice, but it’s often for the wrong reason.

The advice often goes like this: “Just use your company name as your logo.” Well, although there are some companies with powerful company-name-as-a-logo, most companies’ company-name-as-a-logo are simply, um, sucks.

An example of powerful logo using company name as one of the elements

microsoft logo designThere’s some exceptions, though… let’s take Microsoft for an example. It’s one of the classic examples of company-name-as-a-logo. Sure, we are familiar with the 4-colour “windows,” but I think what’s powerful is Microsoft’s latest company name as a logo that the company has just been using since 2011.

What makes Microsoft’s logo stands out is the “cut” on the letter “o” – simple design, yet powerful. The slogan? It’s as powerful as the logo: “Be what’s next.”

That’s why some startups spend millions of dollars to get their logo designed or re-designed.

Well, if your startup doesn’t have such perks, don’t lose heart. Try DIY your logo, but don’t get yourself burnt out trying to create a perfect logo – instead, get some logo ideas and hire the right logo designer. I’ll explain about this later – read on…

How to go frugal with your logo design

Again, company name as a logo can be great – if you know how. But most of the times, you don’t simply have the resources to do that. Let’s take a better route – go frugal with the widely-available free logo design tools and services.

Indeed, if you have a good eye for design but don’t have the resources to create a great logo, try using free logo design tools available online, such as is a free logo maker website. You can choose a big list of pre-designed logo, with personalized texts and colors. It’s not as flexible as other online logo design tools, as you can’t actually customize the design element of the logo other than the texts, but there are some benefits of using the tool: You can quickly create professional-grade logo.

A smart way to use free online logo makers

But here’s what I propose you to benefit greatly by using a logo maker like You can get logo design ideas from the site.

Indeed, using online logo makers – the quality ones, obviously – can give you an idea or two about what kind of logo you really want to portray your brand. Then you can start personalizing the logo even more, either by taking the DIY route or hiring a logo designer to get the job done for you. Either way, you save money on your logo design.

Of course, many online logo makers adopt freemium strategy, typically offering free use of the tool and pay for high-resolution download of the logo you created… so if the idea above is not ideal for you, just take this option.

Using online logo maker or hiring a logo designer?

As I consider myself to have a good eye for design, I tend to DIY my logo design with help from both web-based and installed logo design software. But if I do need help, I’d definitely go with hiring the right logo designer – you can’t afford to mess up with your logo for the sake of cost-cutting endeavors.

So, there you go. Please share your thoughts: Will you use free logo design tools to help you design a logo – frugally – or you simply want to go straight to the pros for custom designed logo?

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