Four Genuine Work from Home Opportunities

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Some legit work from home opportunities

Research has suggested that for every genuine work at home vacancy that’s advertised, there’s another 57 fake or scam advertisements. So how do you go about sifting through and weeding out the genuine opportunities to give up the 9-to-5 rat race, and start earning right from the comfort of your living room?

Although you need to continuously keep your guard up, here are four roles in which you can find genuine opportunities for working remotely.

Virtual Assistant

if you have reasonable computer skills, or experience as an administrator or office assistant, you may be able to find genuine work as a virtual assistant.

Generally, a virtual assistant’s work involves everyday office tasks for which a company feels there is little point enrolling a full-time member of staff. ‘Home with the Kids’ has got a list of companies that have done or currently do employ virtual assistants here.


If you can speak more than one language you’re onto a goldmine. Your ability to translate audio files or word documents can secure you a not too shabby hourly wage of around $20.

For higher paying jobs, consider work in technical, scientific or management industries.

Customer service representative

Not everyone working in customer service operates out of a busy, bustling and frankly, stressful call centre. More and more companies are choosing to outsource their customer service to operatives who work remotely from home.

Be aware that this often isn’t the best paid work (you’ll often be paid for each minute you’re on the phone, rather than for the time you spend waiting for calls), however it’s an easy way for a stay at home parent to secure a little extra income around the demands of home life.

A list of companies that hire remote customer service representatives can be found here.


If you have a talent for the written word, you could start earning money almost immediately.

First of all, get blogging. Not only can you make money directly through advertising, but it could lead to the offer of other paid work.

Other opportunities may come from businesses or bloggers looking to hire freelance writers. Vacancies can be found almost everywhere, however with so many people calling themselves ‘writers’ the pay varies widely and jobs that pay well are often few and far between.

Additional Advice

Securing a remote working role is only half the battle. If you don’t have the resources to work professionally and efficiently, you might find yourself forced to return to the ‘real world’.

  • Set up an office – working in front of the television is rarely going to result in a productive day. Allocate a section of your home, or ideally a room, to be your office. Don’t ever do anything but work in your ‘office’. Take your breaks elsewhere and have a separate computer for personal browsing.
  • Consider getting a leased line – particularly if you’re in a role that will require regular communication with an employer. Leased lines allow for cheap, quick and uninterrupted contact with employers.
  • Upgrade your internet – the last thing you want when you’re half way through an important project is an internet connection that lags or cuts off altogether. Invest in the best connection you can afford if you want to maintain a professional image.

About the Author: Amy Fowler wrote this article on behalf of Maintel

Image: reebob / Flickr