Transform your Business into an Award Winner for Excellent Customer Service

customer service rank
TIps on becoming a customer service champ
Calling all online businesses in today’s market, whether you are a one man band, small, medium or corporate company, you should be focusing your attention to online customer service and use it to promote your business as part of a unique online marketing strategy.

Providing great customer service is now an effortless way to differentiate your business and brand over the vastly growing competition. Marketing a business online can become very challenging and it is hard to create new leads in such a competitive industry. Now, gaining consistent sales and loyalty is about building a great customer service brand and here we tell you why.

The Solution

As business website owners, you should all want that external validation for your online customer service efforts. Any form of approval and recognition from your valued customers provides you with a very unique selling point to promote your achievements on a higher platform to your target market. Marketing your business profile as focused customer service professionals, gives your website the credibility and trust it needs to retain existing customers and also create new ones. Improving the communication between your customers is easy and results in invaluable customer feedback.

This external validation from your customers provides you with an understanding of how they feel towards your services and you can then promote your successful feedback to potential customers.

What To Do

Essentially the best form of online customer feedback is a testimonial, a reference or a case study but you should now be looking for a more professional tool to monitor the levels of your customer service on a daily basis. Start your next step by using a Private Monthly Customer Service Rank (CSR). This gives you an opportunity to see where your business ranks in the online customer service industry.

Your ranking is solely based on receiving the response and recognition from your very own customers on the service you are providing. Your strategy begins with encouraging your customers to rate your service using the private Customer Service Rank and placing a vote.

The most appealing aspect of the CSR is the fact you are not compared with any other companies online, this is a unique ranking of personal feedback for your business only. Once you have your overall rank result, the result will then determine what certified Award you have achieved. Start rethinking your marketing strategy to improve your customer service and you will be able to promote and advertise your business website as an award winner.

The Opportunity

You have the opportunity to turn great customer service into a profitable business strategy. It all begins when you become an award winner in online customer service. As an award winner you will be able to promote your business with that competitive edge. Consumers look more favourably over award winning businesses, as they strengthen the reputation of your brand and make the customer’s decision making process much easier.

Online Awards have the power to add the presence of trust and credibility for visitors and other prospects coming to visit your website.

A Consistent Message

Once establishing your new title using a simple cost effective tool, you can now provide new customers with a consistent message that you provide great customer service and that you can be trusted. This message can then be included in all your advertising collateral to grip a wider consumer base. You will also be reinforcing the message of credibility to your existing customers.

If you have not yet established your customer service brand online, visitors can and will go elsewhere. By emphasising your customer’s feedback, it will only strengthen the presence of your online testimonials with an industry recognised Award to prove it. Certify your existence in the online world and become an Award winner next month.