What kind of VoIP Services you Need to Make Business Calls?

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VoIP can solve business communication issues
When you are building business relationships with people from many different countries, communication is always an issue. Not only language barriers, communication methods are also something you need to address. With regard to communication tools, VoIP solves many problems, as some VoIP services can allow you to have free calls.

However, did you know that not all VoIP services are created the same? Indeed, when you are using VoIP services, there are some routes you can take, depending on your business needs. Let me share how I use VoIP and which types of VoIP I regularly use.

Which methods I use in making VoIP calls?

In my case, partners and clients are typically requesting to have a chat via Skype. Skype is basically free, but that’s for Skype-to-Skype call. To make a phone call or SMS, there are fees related to it – you can choose pay as you go, subscription, or unlimited calls. Your choice.

I am currently considering using Google Voice. It’s not free, but since my clients and partners are mostly residing in the US, it’s a good option to consider – just 1 cent per minute to make international calls from outside US to US numbers vs. Skype’s 2.3 cent/minute on Pay-As-You-Go plan.

How about device-based VoIP? I was a user of device-based VoIP; although it allows me to make free calls to other VoIP device owners, it’s not that flexible for my needs.

Since I love freebies and convenience, I also opt for services offering free international calls. I personally never chat too long on VoIP – so, I typically use services similar like Evaphone, allowing you to get free minutes to make a web-based, free voip call for a limited time.

So, let’s take Evaphone as an example. As I mentioned above, my contacts are mostly US-based. Using Evaphone’s free international calls service, I can get 4 minutes of free calls to US phone numbers. What’s more, I can make a 4-minute International call to the US on daily basis. That suits my business needs perfectly!

Of course, the 4-minute free calls are not for every call destination. Depending on whether you are calling to a landline or a mobile phone, your free minutes can be greatly varied. So, again, use this type of services only when it fits your need; otherwise, you can just use Google Voice, Skype or similar VoIP services.

What VoIP type of services should your business use>

That depends on your business needs, really. If you have offices in multiple geographical locations, you might want to have a VoIP phone line installed at your premises for making free calls; you could also opt for device-based VoIP.

However, if you are like me – running my business in location independent manner – you might want to opt for either Skype – due to its popularity – or free VoIP services like Evaphone. They are flexible and can accommodate your communication needs.

So, tell us – what’s your favourite VoIP service? Share yours by leaving a comment on this post :)

Ivan Widjaya
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