What are the Benefits for a Social Media Marketer to Using iGoDigital’s new Pinterest Tracking Tool?

pinterest tracking tool
Using iGoDigital to track your social media marketing campaigns on Pinterest
The cat is out of the bag – Pinterest is not only a great place for creative users, but creative businesses as well. Social media marketers are rushing to sign up for the virtual, pinboard-themed social network that allows you to showcase just about anything that can be cropped into an image. If there is one downside to Pinterest, for brands at least, it would be the lack of insight into marketing performance that is available. That could all change if a new tracking tool is able to prove its worth.

Meet the Pinterest Tracking Tool

iGoDigital, a leading provider guided selling tools and product recommendation products, has launched a new tool that promises to help social media marketers get a better idea of the impact they are making on Pinterest. Aptly dubbed the “iGoDigital Pinterest Tracking Tool”, the company is hoping that it earns the reputation as an offering that enables brands to collect valuable data that can be used to influence content consumption and purchasing decisions. The marketing community is surely hoping for the same.

To be clear, not all social media marketers are taking a blind stab at their Pinterest efforts. Unfortunately, there is only so much that can be learned with basic tools. With the typical analytics solution, you will only see that traffic is coming in from Pinterest. The tool iGoDigital recently introduced allows you to go much deeper. For instance, you can identify which users are pinning your products on boards throughout the network, measure the popularity of those pins, and even figure out how much of the revenue you are generating is coming from your activity on Pinterest. There is obviously a lot you can do with this information.

Unique Social Media Marketing Benefits

Brands online must have an understanding of the impact they are making with their efforts. Here is a breakdown of some of the benefits social media marketers can gain with iGoDigital’s new Pinterest Interesting Tracking Tool:

Better Targeting – By analyzing the data at your disposal, you can target users with marketing content that is more relevant based on their Pinterest activity.

Loyalty Rewards – Brand evangelists can help businesses garner a lot of success in the social media realm. With the ability to identify who is spreading the word and making the recommendations, you can promptly reward your supporters and strengthen that existing loyalty.

Increase Profits – Some brands are leveraging Pinterest as an online storefront that not only drives traffic, but sales. With the insights provided by the iGoDigital Pinterest Tracking Tool, social media marketers can create personalized experiences that match the exact tastes of potential shoppers.


The iGoDigital Pinterest Tracking Tool sounds like a winner for sure, but not much is known about its price and availability. Hopefully more information surfaces because a tool like this could lead to good things for marketers and Pinterest, which statistics show is starting to lose a bit of steam.

About the Author: Chiko Noguchi is an information junkie and a best practices advocate for a leading provider of email marketing services.

Image: Claudia Liliana / Flickr