Online Image Sharing as Business Marketing: How to Take Better Instagrams Today

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Business marketing via Instagram
If you’re a recent business grad, you are part of a large amount of business students finishing their degree programs in droves and looking to start their own business, especially in the online markets. But how can you differentiate your products or services from the rest? With so much commotion in the online marketing sphere, it can seem difficult not to get lost in the crowd. That’s why many young entrepreneurs are looking to market their own image, as well as their business products via social media. One of the most impactful ways to do this is through photo sharing.

Applications like Instagram are definitely becoming a huge part of new social media landscape. Not only do people want you to share your thoughts and ideas, they now want to see an image attached. And, as taking and sharing photos becomes more and more valuable in social media, it may be time to step it up and make sure the photos you share are the best they can be. There is no need to take a college course in photography to do this. Just follow a few, simple rules.

Avoid the cliche

Maybe this is easier said than done. When something becomes cliche, it does mean, after all, that it has become so popular it’s lost its meaning. If you absolutely have to take and share a photo of your first attempt at homemade Tiramisu, go ahead, just try to keep these sorts of Instagrams to a minimum. It’s generally wise to avoid pictures of skyscrapers, the hundredth photo-op of your dog and kitten playing, and your dinner, especially if you want to attract potential customers. You want to use image sharing as a way to express your own, individual point of view, not to share the same sorts of images over and over.

Be honest

When you are putting images from your life out there for all to see, it can be tempting to try to make yourself look more interesting, more attractive, or simply different, than you actually are. This, however, is the first step toward coming across as inauthentic or even downright suspicious. Just be yourself, instead. A little embellishment here and there or a healthy avoidance of the doldrums of your daily life is fine, but try to keep it real. Customers will respond positively to when you have a positive and authentic view of yourself.

Figure out your angles

If you are taking photos of yourself, it’s a good idea to figure out the angles that best suit you. Once you know a good general area to hold your camera phone when you take a photo of yourself, you won’t have to waste time taking multiple portraits to find the right one. This makes the finished result look less forced and doesn’t ruin the original moment. The same can be said for snapping a photo of you with friends. Make sure to know how you look best in photos. Practice in the mirror until you can whip out the perfect photo-op smile without having to force it.

Find the right light

When you take a photo, make sure you are aligned with your light source in a flattering way. If you’re taking a picture of something in front of you, try to move around until the light is hitting that object beautifully, so it’s not backlit or skewed. Instead of trying to make your photos look good with Instagram after-effects, try to get a great image first off, then enhance them with the Instagram effects later. Taking a little extra care before you ever take a photo will save you time and make all your photos look better in the long run.

About the Author: Aniya Wells is a freelance blogger. She enjoys investigating trends in other niches, notably technology, traditional higher education, health, and small business. Aniya welcomes reader questions and comments at