Innovative Promotional Products – The Modern Marketing Solution

Innovative Promotional Products – The Modern Marketing Solution

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In today’s digital age it’s tempting for marketers to forget about traditional methods. After all, with the advent of social media, PPC campaigns and email drops, what else do you need to promote a business?

This is a dangerous mindset. And it’s a way of thinking that ignores the innovation behind the rise of a new range of promotional products.

Sure, you can still get promotional pens and T-shirts. But we’re talking about ultra-modern solutions for the forward-thinking business. A classic ballpoint retains its merits. However, it’s been joined by a group of competitors ready to grab the attention of customers and potential clients.

What can I do with these products?

This is probably the most pertinent question. Giving out memorable novelty gifts does have its advantages.

But marketing executives and customers themselves prefer items that offer a permanent solution. Usability is a key consideration. Budgets are tight. And throwaway products are simply not a viable option for companies looking to maximise their ROI.

So, credible inventors of promotional products have come up with merchandise that fulfils a need and has a purpose.

These items are thoroughly modern too. Touch-screen gloves suitable for use with iPod and iPod devices cater for a significant niche market. After all, it’s pretty annoying having to constantly take off gloves in winter to send a text or make a phone call especially after you’ve just managed to warm your hands and fingers.

Clients will no doubt approve of this handy (excuse the pun) solution.

In a similar vein anti-bug mouse mats and mugs are protecting people against harmful bacteria.

These types of products have been designed to deal with very real problems. And they’re likely to enjoy repeat usage. At the same time every use will serve as a reminder of the services your business provides.

“Oh, wasn’t it thoughtful of Business X to have given us those mugs that kill 99.9% of bacteria that causes MRSA, E.coli and Salmonella within a 24-hour period.”

That’s really thinking outside of the box.

But if you think those ideas are intriguing then how about adding real marketing potential? This new wave of innovative promotional products is also unleashing the power of branding.

For instance, earphone winder cards offer the perfect combination of workable solution alongside advertising capability.

Users can wind their earphones round a specially cut plastic card when not in use. Earphones are thus kept tidy and tangle free. The added bonus for marketers is that the print surface area provides a unique advertising space.

Stick a company logo, motif or message on and a very useful product becomes a creative marketing tool. It’s foolish to overlook the marketing potential of promotional products. Some are simple yet remain extremely effective.

And “˜simplicity’ doesn’t have to be a dirty word amongst the complex myriad of online analytics and search engine optimisation.

Innovation is all about providing simple solutions to common problems. Incorporate this thinking into a marketing strategy.

You’ll soon discover a modern range of promotional merchandise that is starting to provide answers while fostering brand awareness. Furthermore, your clients will thank you for furnishing them with gifts that aren’t just fit for the bin.

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