Home Office Design Ideas for Homes with Limited Spaces

home office design idea
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Working at home? The best advice I’ve received that I’m going to forward to you is this: Separate your work space and living space. Doing so is probably the best thing you can do to find a better work-life balance.

If you are working at home like me, you should already realised that it’s often hard to be productive at home – especially due to the distractions. Especially when you have little children around you, working in the living room or kitchen when your kids running around and shout their heart out is very, very challenging.

Working on bedroom? Ditto. In essence, when you mix your work and living space, you’ll end up working AND living at the same time; you will not have the chance to take a break from your work as, to put it simply, 24/7 is not enough when you are talking about working and running a business from home.

Setting up an office at home means you need to “sacrifice” one section of your home for work purpose. This is a big issue if you have limited space available for a home office. You need to be a bit more creative in your home office setup.

The bottom line, again, you need to effectively create a different space for both your working and living space using the available space. This is my daily endeavour – looking for better ways to boost my work-life balance via separating my work and living spaces, as well as determining the best time to work on a certain projects.

For the above’s purposes, your choice of home office furniture and where to set up your office – play an important role. Well, if you are looking for some ideas, here are some ideas for you:

1. Floating desk

floating home office desk idea
Image from Luxury-idea.com

If you have limited space, here’s a good idea for you: Use a floating desk. Such desk requires minimal space, so you can make use of a limited “hidden” space you have in your home to set up a home office. Although looks simple, you need to find quality desk to support everything put on it. You can visit www.nationalofficefurnituresupplies.co.uk to outfit your office with the highest quality office furniture.

2. Home office under the stairs

office desk under the stairs
Image from ComfortableHomeDesign.com

Are you setting up a home office in a two-story house? If so, you will typically have a smallish area under the stairs. Well, you can use the space effectively to set up an office.

3. Garden shed home office

garden shed office idea
Image by ebabeyvt / Flickr

Ah – garden shed. The humble shed, typically purposed to keep your gardening tools, broken stuffs and so on, can actually be transformed into a great home office! It’s a perfect place to set up a home office because it can be less distracting working in it, not mentioning the greens around you.

4. Attic home office

attic home office idea
Image from Shelterness.com

Want some privacy? Try the attic. You can set up an office in the attic for maximum privacy and minimum distraction. You need to be creative, though, in working around the uneven/slanted ceiling.

So, there you go – 4 ideas for your home office suitable especially if your home has limited spaces available. If you have any more ideas, please let us know!

Ivan Widjaya
Some creative home office design ideas