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success storyI am a big fan of Fiverr for one reason: If you are doing your homework properly, you will discover great talent and hire him/her for $5. I’ve discovered some great talents to help me build my online business.

However, this blog post is not about how to use Fiverr for your business needs (this would be for another blog post in the near future!) – this blog post is about how you can earn a living online and work whenever, wherever you want – the digital nomad style.

So I have this cool idea: Instead of doing what I regularly do with Fiverr – hiring great talents, ranging from Internet marketing to support a cause, from article writing to music composing, I want one of the best talents I have discovered to share her story; how working online can help her ‘reclaim” her life – the way I did so with my entrepreneurial career.

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Katie’s story

Her name is Katie – she’s from the UK. She was doing what people are “normally” doing, getting a day job and work 6 days a week. She’s on Fiverr just about 6 months ago, and voila – other than what she is doing with Fiverr – full-time – she is also working part-time with a company as a model.

Check out her video – I originally hired her for promoting one of my blogs, (a blog about working and living in location independent manner – just like what I do!)


Other than allowing you to live and work wherever, whenever you want, joining a big online job market such as Fiverr can offer you yet another great benefit: Just like Katie, you can showcase your talents, turn your assets into money making opportunities, and getting yourself discovered by other businesses.

I respect Katie – she has this bubbly personality and a knack for getting things done, unscripted. I truly hope that via Fiverr (and!) she will find more opportunities in the near future – good luck, Katie! (You can reach Katie via her Fiverr profile page: )

You can take the self-employed path, or if you are adventurous enough, you can take your talents further, establishing a thriving business.

Whichever path you take, just remember this: You need to befriend failures. With online business, you might want to revise your risk calculations, as online business is more volatile than the off line counterparts. You need to respond to changes fast, or else…

Online, your journey will be full of failures, but if you asked me, I am willing to fail 99 times to find 1 success – the experience and knowledge I get by failing is priceless, and that 1 success will return you numerous times of the costs of your failures. Just ask Katie.

Ivan Widjaya
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