The Perfect Marketing Mix (Infographic)

Promotional items remain an integral part of marketing mix: Even based on survey results, promotional products alone is more effective than print and TV combined. However, the way to go in achieving the best return on your marketing campaigns is by incorporating all three. Read on to learn more interesting stats….

Ah – advertising… it’s a love-hate relationship to many. Some people are just annoyed with the ads they view. Some others are simply in love with certain ads, they share the ads to their friends and family. For businesses, it’s obvious that they want to attract the brand evangelists and influencers who will promote their brand not because they receive any monetary benefit, but purely because their brand rocks.

TV commercials, printed and and promotional products can help your brand achieve that.

I view ads and keep swags – and enjoy them!

I understand the value of promotional products; I am an expo goer and have actually been using promotional products as part of my branding strategy in the past. They are effective in “luring” me to visit the companies’ booths, as well as keep some of the most interesting (and useful) ones – and let the brands stick to my mind for quite some time…

Let’s just say that attractive promotional products are cost-effective way to make your brand stick in your prospects’ mind. That is what making the items more effective than the others.

With TV ads, catchy ones tend to stick to my mind – especially those with background music that keeps ringing in my head and catchy message that worth talk about. I can even recall the ads that run a decade ago! That’s the power of great ad.

What I don’t really fancy about is actually print ads. I tend to have ad blindness when it comes to images, especially those ads using stock photos I recognized available on iStockPhoto or any other stock image websites.

TV, print or promo merchandizes?

Well, ideally, you should incorporate TV, print and promotional items in your marketing mix. But if you have limited budget, the best way for you is to focus on the most effective one. The clear winner in this category is promotional products.

Want some numbers to crunch? Just check out this interesting marketing mix infographic by 4imprint:

marketing infographic

The role of promotional products in the marketing mix – An infographic from 4imprint

Well, as you can see, the impact of promotional items is astonishing: Promotional items seem to beat TV and print combined when it comes to giving your brand’s first impression to prospects (23 percent vs. 11 percent.)

How so? The numbers tell it all: A whopping 87 percent of promo items recipients kept them for longer than 12 months! Due to that fact, most senior marketers will likely to increase their budget for promotional merchandises (83 percent.)


It’s a no-brainer – the best way to run a successful marketing campaign requires you to combine print, TV and promo items; the infographic also reveals this… (35 percent) But if you have to choose one due to budget constraint, promotional merchandizing is the way to go.

So, how about you – which one in your company’s marketing mix is your focus? Are you doing all three or just one of them? Any success story to share? Please do so by leaving a comment…