How to Hold Business Meetings Safely Online

A big part of running a business is holding meetings. Whether they’re to talk to clients, find out how every member of staff is doing or want to have a one-to-one chat with someone about a particular issue, meetings are a key component of any working day.

While meetings are important, it’s vital that businesses don’t let them become too time-consuming or wasteful, especially when there’s so much else to do. This is where video conference solutions from sites like may help to make meetings more effective as well as safe.

business meeting online
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In an online meeting, you’ll want to make sure that everything being said is kept under wraps, and Conference Calling at can help. Video conferencing can ensure that a secure conversation can be held online with no fuss or security issues, while it offers so much more in terms of savings, increased productivity and efficiency.

Secure video conferencing – how?

Whether you are a techie or non techie business person, you need to understand the basic ingredients of video conferencing that you and/or your IT people need to secure: Data storage and data transmission (source: HowStuffWorks.)

Obviously, business meetings often discuss sensitive issues, involving confidential information and such. With regard to this, your online meeting needs to address data storage safety. It needs special attention and should be done remotely, in server computers with top-notch security features.

Data transmission-wise, you need to take care of it with extra care, because it is the most vulnerable area of video conferencing security. The data is transmitted across numerous networks, making the data prone to “eavesdropping.” Data encryption and the network security measures are the keys in securing the online meeting.

More benefits…

Video Conferencing can help businesses save money. How this is possible is that it reduces the need to travel to meetings, which also saves time. Travel costs money, whether in terms of extra fuel for the company car or in plane/train tickets to the meeting place, and not spending so much on travel will make the company balance sheet look so much better.

Time can be saved by using video conferencing software because travel is cut out from most meeting scenarios. The time saved could be put to good use for other parts of the business such as accounting or sales, which could mean more money is generated because of the extra time made available by not travelling.

With more time being made available for other parts of the business, it’s likely that productivity will increase. Spending less time on going to meetings will leave any business with more hours to spend on more important tasks. It also means that any deadlines that need to be met will be easier to stick to.

Workers who don’t have to travel as often are likely to feel more relaxed. This will also have a positive impact on productivity, as they will be less prone to becoming tired towards the end of the working day.


Due to the level of confidentiality involved in online business meetings, it is obvious for you to partner with the video conferencing solution provider. Don’t take things for granted – always go for the industry leading service provider with proven track record, particularly in security.